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90's BABY

This weekend it really started feeling like fall in the Midwest; lower temps, crunchy leaves, and dewy mornings. It was great because I went home and went shopping with the fam and picked up a few staple pieces for my fall wardrobe. (I love when my mom takes me shopping!) It helps when you are on a grad school budget. 

Side note on that. Everyone else that is going through grad school and is using an assistantship stipend to live off of... Good for you, because I want to spend all of my money so fast with all of clothes I see and then I get too worried about not having any money so instead I barely skimp by and feel like I can barely buy food even when I have enough money to do so. Maybe I will get this balance down soon but at the moment that's where I'm at. 

Back to the task at hand. I am SO excited that the 90's fashion is coming back in style because I think it adds a little extra spice to the fall clothes like the corduroy, overalls, clogs, and choker necklaces. What I am intrigued with though is seeing the 2016 take on the 90's fashion. When I was reading some fashion magazines they showed some then and now's with accent braids and how the chokers are instead of just black leather but can be stacked gold ones. I have been on the accent braid bandwagon for years now without even knowing it because when you have curly crazy hair it's easy to just braid some pieces and leave it all day without realizing they are still there haha. 

What will be interesting to see is if the sky-high platform shoes like the Spice Girls wore, scrunchies, and jelly sandals make the comeback as well in every day to day fashion wear. I'm all for the clog heels but I'm not quite sure I can wrap my head around the platform heels... who know's I shouldn't speak too soon. 

I wanted to give my take on the 90's fashion in the 21st century so I hope you enjoy (: Also props to my sister for finding this great photo op spot!

A few things about the fit and comfort of the clothes... buy 20 million of the soft ribbed tee's because they are $10 dollars and because they are so soft and comfortable I seriously want them in every color! The corduroy dress is AMAZING but just know that it wrinkles super easy when you are sitting for awhile which I found to be just a tad annoying. And lastly the shoes are to die for adorable but are also verrryyyyy tall so just so you are forewarned (; 

I hope I could help inspire some 90's fashion in your life. Happy Wednesday Night loves!!


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