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Ep 001: Meet the Unstable | The Socially Unstable Podcast

Ep 001: Meet the Unstable | The Socially Unstable Podcast

The Socially Unstable Podcast is the show where 2 slightly unstable marketers try to navigate through the world of online presence. From social media, content creation, marketing, and branding all the way to defining a new, healthier relationship to social media, this is the show that brings you the information that you need from conversations you wish you could ignore. So if you’re struggling with your identity in the digital world, if you need help from a successful social media influencer and also a guy who has an Instagram account, if you LOVE or dislike Disney related things, and if you enjoy hearing about other people’s insecurities, then welcome to the Socially Unstable podcast.


YOU GUYS! I am so so excited to announce that I have started a new venture with my friend and colleague, Tyler Hixon, from Marketing TEA!

I wasn't so sure about it and was quite honestly super nervous because talking, like just talking alone in a room is very different from most things. Not everyone is good at it. You have to make sure you don't have an annoying voice (some people just don't have pleasant speaking voices let's be real) and you have to be able to express yourself all through your voice so people can feel connected to you. I hope I achieve that as I grow and learn this new area on the big, wide web.

Tyler is a natural so if anything I know you'll enjoy what he has to say and his insights into the marketing world. If you do listen I would ABSOLUTELY love it if you shared, subscribed and tagged us on socials if you happen to use any of our advice or just wanted to spread the love!

I also wanted to say how thankful I am for Marketing TEA for sponsoring our podcast!!

Marketing TEA - @marketingtea

Tyler - @thixsonlife

Kenzie - @_hertime_



Find us on:

xx, Kenzie

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