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Men's Amazon Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide | Under $30

This is probably the MOST challenging gift buying for me every year. Idk why but like little things for men just don't seem as easy to come by like nail polish, headbands, jewelry for women. That is why I am coming at you withe a men's stocking stuffer gift guide!

1. Extra-Long Phone Charger

My mom puts these extra long cords in our stockings every year and I am always excited to get more of them! Chargers break all of the time and it's one of those things that it's good to have extras of and also one of those things that even though you need it, you just don't like buying them. Buying the extra long ones make it extra special!

2. Insulated Yeti Mug

Everyone loves a warm cup of coffee so you won't go wrong with getting the man in your life this Yeti insulated mug!

3. Light Saber Chopsticks

This is a fun stocking stuffer for the Star Wars lovers! They have different colors so you can get their favorite characters. I think young or old this is a cool little gift.

4. Microfiber Towels

If you have a guy that loves to go fishing then this might be a useful stocking stuffer for them! You always can't beat that price for three towels. They don't even have to be used for fishing. Microfiber towels come in handy for almost any situation.

5. Cute Socks

You can't go wrong with some fun, funky socks!

6. Winter Hat

Peter is always stealing my winter hats so I think having a few extra ones around for him is not a bad idea. 😂

7. Beard Oil

As I was browsing through amazon I came across these and was like hmm these seems like a good gift, because it isn't something Peter would buy on his own but something I do think he would use. Plus the packaging looks so cute and trendy and makes it seem like a cool gift.

8. Comic Book Sticky Notes

I thought these would be a fun little stuffer if you have a comic book/superhero lover in your house. Plus they are a useful gift if they work in the office (I go through sticky notes like it's no bodies business!).

9. Boxer Briefs

Practical and affordable. It's a win, win!

10. Pocket Knife

Last but not least, a good old-fashioned pocket knife. Every guy will find this incredibly useful anddd it's engraved which adds a super cool element to it!

I hope these are super helpful for you and the men in your life! Happy shopping and holiday season my loves!



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