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What I'm Crushing on at Lulu's

Happy Friday, everyone!

I am here reporting the day after 4th of July! I hope everyone had a fun day with family and friends, celebrating America ❤️ Peter and I had a superrrrr chill day at the apartment and it was nice to have the day off to relax and just enjoy some down time.

It is so easy to just get caught up in the day to day that you forget to take a minute to slow down and listen to your body and do things that are good for you in that moment. I know it's difficult for me at least. I make these do lists and expectations that I want to achieve every day and then if I don't at the end of the day I get these crappy feelings of not being good enough or strong enough to follow through - but we all need those days of just doing NOTHING so for that, I'm thankful for this Independence Day.

It of course also gave me some major time to online shop or at least online look (that's what I do when I want to buy everything but I'm trying to have self control LOL) and I found some major sales and picked up a few items - don't tell Peter! (;

A couple of incredible purchases I recently made were the two heels I've been crushing on over at Lulu's. As soon as I saw them I was like YUP it doesn't matter the price I NEED them... Well, lucky for the price was actually the best part. They were only just over $30 each! I MEAN WHAT? Best price I've paid for a pair of heels for a long time.

The JAX FUCHSA SUEDE two toned red and pink color block mules caught my eye so quick I didn't even know what to do with myself. Pink is my favorite color so anything pink I'm down for but then add this chunky low heel and the pop of red and you have a completely unique shoe that others will adore! I'm wearing a size 6.5 and they are TTS.

The second heel I snagged up was the MAKAYLA NUDE SUEDE VINYL HIGH HEEL SANDALS. Clear heels are popping up everywhere these days and I would have to say they are quickly becoming a must have in your closet. Aside from going with everything - I mean they are clear after all - they give off the coolest vibe since it almost looks like there is nothing holding your foot up. I am wearing a 6.5 and they are TTS.


I wanted to show a few similar options because they have a style for everyone!


If you are into online shopping like me... did you find any super good deals this Fourth of July? Also, I'm in the market for new boutiques so hit me up with your fave in the comments. Have a rockin' weekend, friends.

x, Kenzie

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