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XOXO, Booty Bag

So, for about a few months now I have been seeing these super adorable selfies with the bags that say: "Hello babe: I'm here. XO, BootayBag."

Naturally, when I see cute packaging I went, "Oh my gosh, I need this!" I'm pretty sure everyone loves the bag and I mean come on who doesn't like getting things shipped directly to their door? I am all about getting mail 🙋🏼 It is just so exciting. 

Luckily, BootayBag contacted me asking if I would like to try out their product and of course I didn't hesitate to scream YESSSS 😍😍😍

Look how stink'n cute the bag is!!!!! 

How it works: 

To start, it costs $12 dollars a month and you get two undies shipped right to your door! 

You can choose from always thongs, never thongs, or combination.Where my combo girls at? ✌️

Then, you choose your size and wait for your surprise undies to come! 

Once they arrive, if you take a selfie and use their hashtags like #undermatters they will donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation. 

I love companies that give back 🌻 

In my package I received one thong and one cheeky and oh my goodness they were cuuuuuttteeee ✨✨✨

I also loved the material. I would say that they are pretty solid quality. The cheeky's were very soft like the no show underwear that I normally wear from Aerie or Victoria's Secret. That was a #score for me! 

I mean just check out that lace. I noticed that the size might be a little tight though. I usually wear a small no problem at other stores so either these smalls are just a taaaddd smaller or I am just not as small as I think I am (; 

No matter what, I will definitely be signing up for this monthly subscription because I love the underwear, love the cause, and love the price! 

Who else already has this subscription service and who is now running to there website to sign up ASAP for their first #bootaybag?!



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