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3 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Do you remember those days when you loved your home?

You probably couldn't wait to get back home from work, enjoy your surroundings, and relax in the comfort of the place you called  your own. What a wonderful feeling that always was.

And then times changed…

Over time, that love might have faded. You started to notice things you hadn't noticed before, from creaking floorboards to weird looking stains on the walls. Your bills began to get higher and higher and… well, you know what I'm saying. Those home decor choices you made some time ago may have lost their lustre. And rather than walk into your home with love in your heart, you started to drag yourself in with frustration and loathing!

Can you relate?

If you no longer love your home, it's time to make a few changes. While you could pack up and get the heck outta there, you might also go for the cheaper option and do something about the place you are living in.

#1: Make some home improvements

Think about the rooms that drive you mad. Focus on each specific room one at a time, make any repairs necessary, and then consider giving them a makeover.

If you're working within a budget, you can make a few small and relatively inexpensive changes. In your living room, you might reupholster or replace key pieces such as your sofa, or you might freshen it up with a new throw and some decorative cushions. In your bedroom, you might want to add some new curtains and bring new life to your bed with brightly colored sheets and a trendy new duvet cover. And in your bathroom, you could freshen things up with a stylish new shower curtain and some fresh new towels.

In each room, consider the colors and designs you favor, and make some alterations to your paintwork. You could repurpose wooden furniture, transforming anything that looks dated and worn into something practical and stylish. And you might want to invest in some artwork for your walls, decorative rugs for your flooring, and anything else that will give the rooms in your home added aesthetic pleasure. Check out Society 6!

You might also change the overall look of your home. For something old-fashioned, you might want to modernize the way it looks, perhaps with the sliding door innovations of Andersen patio doors and more contemporary colors within your room design. Or, you might go retro, especially if you want to relive the decade of your childhood, be it the bright and vibrant colors of the '80s or the home decor trends of the '90s.

Think about your tastes; those things that float your boat, and depending on your budget, transform your home into something you love coming home to each day.

#2: Lose your junk

If you hate your home because you don't have enough space to do what you want with it, then it might be because it's filled with your junk and clutter. If you're a spending addict, you might have gone overboard on ornaments and knickknacks. You may have been gifted items that you didn't really want. And there might be a lack of storage for those things you actually want to keep, meaning your home looks messy because there isn't enough space to accommodate everything.

If you are relating to what I'm saying, then it's time to declutter. Use these decluttering rules to help you conquer the clutter, and reclaim your space again. You will then have a home that feels more functional and open, giving you room to both move around your house, and give you the option to add anything that is actually useful in place of the junk that filled up your space beforehand.

Then think about your storage needs. Even after decluttering, you might still have insufficient space for your prized possessions, so consider purchasing multipurpose furniture, giving you something decorative, comfortable, and practical for your living space. From storage beds for your bedroom to bookcases for your living room, buy anything that will add to your space but not add to your clutter problem.

#3: Upgrade to reduce your energy bills

Energy bills are an unnecessary evil, but you don't have to suffer high prices forever. If your home is getting you down because of your monthly expenses, find ways to reduce them. You can do this by implementing energy-saving habits and switching to a cheaper energy supplier, and you can also commit to a few home upgrades to cut down your expenses in the long-term.

So, you might consider your kitchen, which is often the biggest money-drainer in the home. There are your smaller appliances to consider, such as your microwave, to those larger appliances, such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator. If any of them are over a decade old, chances are, they are costing you more money than they should be. Replace them with their modern and money-saving alternatives, considering the design of this energy-efficient kitchen as an example.

Then think about the other rooms in your home. You might want to think about your lighting, switching your standard bulbs with their energy-saving LED or CFL alternatives. In rooms that gather the most heat, you might want to install ceiling fans so you aren't as reliant on your more costly aircon. And consider underfloor heating, as this will make you less reliant on your usual heating sources when trying to warm your house.

There is much you can do around your home to save energy and money, so consider the worth of these energy-efficient home improvements, and do as much as your budget can allow. Despite the expense, you will save money in the long-term.


It would be a shame if you fell out of love for your home forever, so make any changes where you can to renew your passion you once had with your home. A transformative makeover or a few upgrades might make all the difference to how you feel. You will then enjoy coming home again each day, instead of taking measures to actively avoid it!

Hope these help!



*Please note that this post may have affiliate links*  Any products listed or reviews and opinions are as always of my own and true to how I feel.

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