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Halloween Decor Ideas 2019

Happy Fall Y'all!

I am sure you have not heard that yet around here on the internet (; I mean honestly, know one would let you forget it! But, for me that's totally okay because I do love me some fall. This year I was super confused on how I wanted to decorate for fall. Do I go harvest pumpkin, spooky halloween themed, or sophisticated fall. I feel like this year is my first year really getting into decorating my own place. Last year was my first time in my own place but I only got a few things because decor is expensive but this year now I feel like I actually have enough pieces from last year and what I bought this year to truly be effective lol.

I started out decorating just strictly fall. I was keeping it neutral like the whites and greens and a little pop of orange but not too much. But, then I started watching some YouTube videos and thinking about my childhood from during Halloween and got sad that I wasn't doing a spooky theme. Idk about you but my mom went ALL OUT for Halloween. It's always been her favorite so of course our house was bomb around that time. I'm talking cobwebs everywhere covering the porch, coffins in the yard, skeletons hanging out the window of our truck... like the EXTREME. And I always liked it but didn't realize how much I did or how much I appreciated it until a few days ago when I realized I wanted to do that too. Except a little less scary because I am a baby and can't watch even the slightest bit of a scary movie and a little more spooky/cutesy HAHA.

Life is funny like that isn't it? haha. I need to call my mom up and tell her how important that was to me and thank her for always doing such fun stuff with us. I'm putting that down on my to do list today 😂 Anywaysssssss..... Last night I went on Amazon and order a bunch of stuff to make it more spooky and decided the cute harvest fall stuff can wait for Thanksgiving! It should all be here Saturday, so I will keep you posted on how it turns out!! For now, I wanted to share some of my inspiration or just decor I LOVED on Pinterest. I can't wait until I have a full house to decorate and not just like one room (; That will be fun!

I hope these might give you some fun ideas too (:

I also saw this idea from a video and took a screenshot so the quality is probably bad but LOVED the idea of hanging the witches hats like this!

If you have other fun ideas that you like to do when decorating, I'd love to hear about them so I can possibly try them out too 😊

Much love my friends and happy Spooky Season 🎃



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