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5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale

At this point in my life, we are not homeowners. With Peter still in grad school and our income being probably a little lower than some, as well as the fact that we are not planted in this area at all... apartment life is the life for us (for right now). That doesn't mean that you can't make an apartment look and feel just as yours as a house and you still have to make improvements and clean up when you leave. We moved earlier this year and had to go through all of the steps of getting it move out ready just like you would need to do for a house.

When the time does come that you have to move from apartment, condo, townhouse or house every seller wants to make their home so desirable that it sells quickly, and that best offers are made (that way you can move up closer to your dream home). Careful planning and some hard work will help you do just that!

Here are some helpful steps to get you off on the right foot.

Minimize Your Clutter

Try to keep things minimal, yet functional when it comes to selling your home. More often than not, those selling their homes will still need to live there for a time, and buyers will always want to see the potential behind the walls.

It might also be time to wave a fond farewell to the beloved feature wall. Though they are very fashionable and are an easy and cheap way to change the whole look of a room, when it comes to selling, its best to keep things as neutral as possible. While white and magnolia walls can be YAWN, they give the buyer a blank canvass for them to create their ideal home.

Declutter, clean and GLEAM!

In the longer term, decluttering your home for sale will also aid with the move, with fewer personal items, there are less things to pack and take to the next house. A deep clean will improve the prospects of selling, too. As well as the positive psychological effects of cleaning (or paying somebody else to do it for you..) a cleaner house will sell better, showcasing it to its full potential.

A home should smell fresh, though not of overpowering perfumed products. A house that smells musty, damp, or dirty will not sell as fast, and ultimately decrease the value of the home. Try to find those areas that might be smelly or harder to clean places like under the fridge. Also, it's good to remember that not everybody can stand the smell of our furry friends. Use an air purifier to eliminate pet odors before having people round to view your property. This works wonders in just purifying your air quality, as well!

Focus on Curb Appeal

Outdoor space can be a just as, if not more critical selling point to home buyers than the house itself. The outside is what urges people to turn the handle and enter into the house. Paint the front door a lovely inviting color, but don’t use anything too overpowering, as this could potentially intimidate buyers and put them off. The outdoor area of the property should be made to feel like a move-in ready home, rather than something seen as a project for a potential buyer.

Clear all the paths, mow the lawn and trim back any plants that have gone wild. Don’t spend additional funds on planning an entirely new garden-- show the buyer what a fantastic space can be offered, and let their imagination go wild. However, some mature shrubs can make an outdoor space look loved.

Create a DIY Checklist

Every household puts off various DIY projects- a loose door handle, a blown lightbulb or scuffed paint by the door, but now is the time to pay an extra bit of attention to these things that were seen as unimportant. Even the less scrupulous buyer will look around for things that will need doing to the house and will begin to mentally decrease their offer price as they check through these small things. Check on these small things- it gives you less to worry about, and can also mean getting the most money from your home. Get your gutters cleared out, have a consultation with Renewal by Andersen Windows if a pane of glass is cracked- spending an extra few hundred dollars can mean retaining those extra few THOUSAND dollars towards the next place.

Get in The Kitchen

With the most value tied to each square footage, the kitchen is the most valuable room in the house. Even if your budget does not allow for a complete kitchen refit, there are simple ways to add value to the whole property. If stripping the kitchen is out of the question, why not think about changing cupboard doors - even switching up the handles can give an overall more expensive feel to a kitchen. Showcase the kitchen as functional and homey. If there isn’t enough room for storing pots and pans, rather than hiding them away, make a feature out of them by using a rack and some hooks.

It’s important to showcase your home for what it is, and these simple tasks may seem as though it is daunting, but they will assist for a smoother move overall. Plus, once it's all over you get to start the fun process of decorating your new home. 😊

xo, Kenzie

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