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5 Social Media Apps to Enhance Your Story Creation Process

5 Social Media Apps to Enhance Your Story Creation Process

I have been reading manyyyyy articles across the web about how Stories are on the rise. They have been for quite some time now, so I'm sure you've noticed. Especially on Instagram! But now, even Facebook Stories are starting to gain more popularity amongst the masses.

The rise of Stories has also lead to the rise of increased brand interest. They are a great way to market your business with creative flair and presentation. Not to mention, it's a pretty easy way to get a lot of eyes on it in the quickest amount of time.

If you are an influencer, working in the digital marketing space, or just a boss babe (or dude - no discrimination here) you should be looking to add Stories into your brand's social marketing mix. These apps will help you do just that!

1. Over

Over has basically everything you need to create professional-looking templates. It's easy to use and they have a lot of free options but you may want to upgrade to the professional version if you are using it for your business.

2. Mojo

If you are going to start getting more into Stories why not take it a step further and do Video Stories!? Mojo is great for that. Branded video can be a lot of work but not with Mojo.

3. Unfold

This one is a little more popular so you may have heard of it, but it is truly amazing. It's free version lets you customize text and shape but their paid version is like no other!

4. A Design Kit

This is a recent find for me. I really love the textures and pink colorful templates they have. This app will surely set your Stories apart from the rest!

5. Adobe Spark

To round it out... check out Adobe Spark. This takes creating visuals to a whole other level. Obviously since it's an Adobe app it will cost but that also means that it is the If you are already subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud, then Spark is included so that's good too (;

I created a youtube video which has some helpful Instagram Story tips and tricks you can check out for more inspiration!

The moral of the story is... don't limit yourself to the features that are provided within the Instagram or Facebook apps. You can use these apps to expand your creativity and create something totally outside the box that is unique to you and engaging to your audience without wasting hours of valuable time!



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