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7 Tips to Attract Your First 100K Instagram Followers

I'm going to keep this short and sweet and to the point so you can get started on growing your instagram following!

1. Pick a theme and stay consistent. 

There are obviously tons of creators, artists, photographers and business out there all trying to do the same thing. It's very important for you to pick a theme and then stay consistent. This doesn't mean you can never change your theme! Definitley experiment and after awhile you want to change it up you can do that. I mean that can even be your 'theme'. Whatever you choose to do be consistent.

2. Use the app 'When To Post'.

I love this app because it shows me three of the best times to post for the day when my audience is most active. This is super important if you want to have good engagement and not have a photo tank.

3. Use well thought out hashtags. 

Don't just throw some hashtags on your posts just because. It's best to do a little research on the matter. The maximum is 30 hashtags. You don't want to post 30 every time so it's good to have like three different sets of 30 that you pick and choose from and are always updating. My advice is to have 10 that are ranking in the millions, 10 that are ranking in the hundreds of thousands, 5 in the thousands and 5 that are very specific to you and your brand. This will help you get a bunch of different coverage. The lower the number the better chance of ranking at the very top for that hashtag.

4. Use Instagram’s geotag feature. 

Don't forget to add your location. This gives you another way to be searchable to people who are looking in the area!

5. Optimize your bio.

I've mentioned this before but people still don't do it. Your name in your bio is part of your Instagram SEO. You need to add your niche or biz in there so it would look like this:

- Kenzie Finks - Social Media Marketing Expert

- Makenzie - Wellness Fitness Coach

So, when someone types in social media marketing my profile has a chance of popping up. Same with wellness fitness coach.

6. Produce more video content.

Even in you think you are producing enough, you're not! You need to do more! Especially take advantage of stories where people can see your updates instantly.

7. Make your presence more human.

Everyone says engage but I'm going to take that a step further. Actually leave your posts with calls to action and respond with open ended questions so they have to respond back to you. This encourages true conversation as well as better engagement and your posts will perform better as well because Instagram will realize that true conversation of value is going on here and they will push your post more. So, it could be something like this:

- someone says, "I love your top!" / Instead of just saying, "thank you so much ❤️" which ends the conversation and nothing of real value was exchanged you could say...

"Thank you (insert name) this top has been with me through x many years and is one of my favorites! Do you have a piece of clothing like that that you will love forever? ❤️"

Can you spot the difference? Be a real human and you'll get better engagement 100%!

I hope these were helpful! If you like to learn about social media/instagram/marketing make sure to check out my YouTube Channel for more!

x, Kenzie

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