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5 Social Media Tips to Help You Enhance Your Business

I attended a Social Media Marketing Conference this afternoon that talked about key points everyone should be touching on to be effective at using social media to market your brand or company.

I am a full time Social Media Coordinator and Content Writer so I tend to think that I am pretty above average when it comes to social media and the tools to use to support this medium to grow your exposure and your income... haha. BUT there are always knew tips and tricks to learn along the way because let's face it - social media is a CONSTANT CHANGER! But you didn't need me to tell you that one (;

I wanted to dive in and give you guys my 5 main takeaways and tips that I think would be good for you and your business if you find yourself the one in control of the social media. If you are having trouble with it reach out and let's chat! I'd love to help you manage your social media accounts!

Also, I've been thinking about doing a series on this topic on YouTube. Would anyone be interested in learning more about SEO, Social Media, Ads and more?

Okay, okay, here are the 5 social media tips you need to take your biz to the next level.


1. There is this thing called the 4 Pillars of Social Media Strategy - (Communication, Collaboration, Education and Entertainment)

I will go in more depth in the YouTube video because I think this will be my part 1, but basically your strategy or content if you will, should always be aiming to hit one of these topics. Are you communicating, entertaining or educating? Try and mix it up so your content is always different and engaging.

2. Know your Target Audience

Now, I know this goes without saying but sometimes it is easy to skip over or think you know when you really don't. Target in on who your messaging is reaching and if that's your ideal market or if you'd like to cater it to reach a different demographic.

3. Pinterest's viewers average salary is $100,000

Did you know that? I bet you didn't! I had no idea. I had been using Pinterest mildly but after that shocking number I need to step up my Pinterest game! What's even better is it's like a 50% buy rate so if the first part didn't convince you, I bet that will.

4. Videos are SO important

You probably know this but just because you know this doesn't mean you are doing it. You need to make videos. Use your iPhone. Just record yourself talking for like 45 seconds. It doesn't have to be some high production movie. Use gifs or graphic videos, whatever the source just DO IT!

5. Social Media platforms have their own SEO built in

Have you ever heard of a little thing called SEO - search engine optimization - well Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more have SEO that is already doing the work of optimizing your page. If you notice, when you Google search someone their Facebook is usually the second search pulled up. If you're website isn't ranking this means at least your socials can be, so if you aren't on social media you need to be. Enough said.

Hope these were helpful! I'm looking forward to continuing to share more about my journey through the #socialmedia world.

X, Kenzie

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