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6 Places You Should Put Your Perfume

Whether you like to go for that floral, woody, oriental, or fresh smell there is one thing we all have in common: wanting to have the perfume last all day! 

(I'll give you more info on the different scent groups later)

Most of the time that means you just keep re-applying all day long. But to no avail you notice the perfume still doesn't last.  Well, I am here to tell you a few tips on how to make your Giorgio Armani [my fave perfume] or Daisy or whatever it is you wear, last the WHOLEday! If you spritz some perfume on the parts of your body that heat up, it diffuses the fragrance and gives you that all consuming smell.  Onto the 6 places you should put your perfume:


Some say that your strands of hair are better vessels for carrying fragrance than your skin. Obviously, spritzing the perfume directly on the hair would be kind of weird but either walking through it or spraying it on your hair brush could work wonders! 

Behind the Ears

The area behind your ears is a point where the veins are closest to the skin, thus generating more heat and amplifying your scent. 

Down Your Back

By spraying down your back your natural movements through the air will diffuse the scent more subtly. 

Inside Elbows

This is another pulse point or area where veins are close to the skin so same as the behind the ears and wrists! 

Behind Knees

If you haven't noticed yet we are looking for all of the pulse points to help spread the smell and you guessed it!!!! Behind the knees is another spot! Another good reason to spray a little on your lower half is so the smell rises throughout the day. 

Belly Button

Experts say your belly button is another prime location for fragrance because its shape serves as a natural repository for scent. Your body heat will then allow the scent to radiate. Celebs like Liv Tyler and Adriana Lima swear by this trick. 

Ready to learn about the different fragrance types now?

I worked at Ulta in undergrad and I learned a lot about perfume and the different types of fragrances. Sometimes we were even tested on them which was kind of fun 😊

1). Floral- The most popular type of perfume, the floral fragrance is a romantic, light and slightly sweet scent. These fabulous perfumes are a blend of flowers such as the rose, violet, lily, jasmine and lavender. Most mens floral scents have orange blossom at their heart, giving an alluring tone. 

2). Oriental- The oriental perfumes originate from more exotic parts of the world. Made from spices such as pepper, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla, these fragrances are warm and sensual. There is also a certain depth to this scent that is quite popular with the more adventurous!

3). Woody- The woody perfumes often have light top notes with a muskier heart. Made from sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss, these warm, dry and musky notes provide an air of sophistication and mystery to all who wear them. Women prefer the woody notes for evenings.

4). Fresh- Commonly known as citrus or green notes, the fresh fragrances are often made from lemon, orange and bergamot; then accented with herbal notes to give that refreshing scent and revive the senses. 

~ S O U R C E ~

*** I want to leave you will one last piece of advice that my manager told me at Ulta Beauty.

Never ever rub your writs together after your spray your perfume because it breaks down the smell faster! You should let it dry naturally to help the smell last as long as it can.  (Thanks, Gregg) 👍 ***

Did you guys know all of that about your perfume?! 



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