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Moroccan Magic

So, I've talked a lot about this brand before - low-key because I'm obsessed - high key because it's amazing.

I had some super amazing news about this brand, their products, and my personal journey with them that I thought it would be fitting to do a blog post all about MM!

To give you some background info on the brand -

1. Everything they make is completely natural

They use the finest natural ingredients available. This includes herbs, essential oils and cold

pressed organic Moroccan Argan Oil.

2. Their products are USDA certified / Cruelty Free certified / Made in the USA / + Gluten Free

3. They are a women owned and operated company

Did you know that only 14% of CEOs are women?

4. You can purchase all of their amazing essential oil flavored lip balms at

Walgreens, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond + TARGET! (ya heard that correct lol)

5. They have other products in the works

At this moment, they only have their lip products but they are soon going to be launching

over 50+ new products including, shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face wash/face

exfoliant/body lotion + MORE!

I literally can't even WAIT!

So, if you didn't know, I am a brand ambassador for them. Meaning I try the products tell you my thoughts and then let you know what you gotta have or what you could pass on (I haven't found one that you shouldn't buy yet though haha).

I also get to create some fun content for them. These are some past posts you might have seen on the gram.

Moroccan Magic just rolled out their affiliate program and I am one of the first to try it out and literally I was shook and so honored to do that. This company has been the absolute best I've worked with and I truly adore what they stand for, their style and their lip balms of course (;

What this means for you!

You can now shop through my unique link and I will get a percentage of the purchase. I am new to this so even when I make like 10 cents I jump up and down for joy haha. If you are interested in trying their products out it would mean the world to me if you shopped through this link --->

I love Moroccan Magic and I know you will to! Let me know if you decide to purchase. I love hearing what people have to say 😍

X, Kenzie

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