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Valentine's Day Gift Guide | For Her

Howdy friends!

Okay, sorry I just said howdy. Idk who I am. Lord help me.

Anywhooo, I am sooo excited because it is almost the day of LOVE! I am all about Valentine's Day and what it represents. Yes, I know there are haters that are like every day should be like Valentine's Day: expressing your love and thankfulness for one another. And while yes, this is true, what's the problem with doing that all of the time AND having a special day dedicated to being cute and appreciative of your bomb partner? Am I right?

In spirit of this lovey dovey day, I have rounded up a few great gifts to recommend to your hubbies, boyfs or girlfs in case you were drawing a blank on small items to give or receive.

1. Actual Handwriting Bracelet - $36.00

I gave this as a gift awhile ago and I think hands down it was the most meaningful and special gift and it felt good to see someone love a gift as much as that. That being said your lover will be allllll about it (;

2. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster - $15.00

This is fun and cute because it is something you can do together not just that one night but for 99 dates after that. How cool is that? Especially if your movie junkies like Peter and I are.

3. Your Vows as an Art Print - Starts at $36.00

Have a sentimental S/O? Well then I promise there will most likely be tears with this one. So sweet, thoughtful and personal.

4. Succulents because they last longer than roses - Prices Vary

This one is fun for the plant lovers and for the ones that are just not that into roses. If it were me I would like a bouquet of succulents AND roses because ya know I'm a sucker for the romantic traditional stuff (; My favorite place to get succulents and cacti is Baton Rouge Succulent Co. They are DA BOMB!

5. Date Box - Prices Vary

I have been looking into getting the Date Box for Peter and I. It seems like a neat way to stay on top of doing dates every few weeks and they send the curated dates right to your door which makes for convenience and more time. Check it out if you think you could use a little more focus put on spending quality time with each other.

6. Moroccan Magic - Starts at $12.00

Last, but certainly not least, Moroccan Magic lip balm. Your girl will love the flavors and that they are organic, cruelty free lip balms that seriously leave your lips feeling as smoothhhhh as butter. I am obsessed. Did I mention, the flavors are like diffuser oils? I know you use diffusers in your house and I can almost 100% bet that lavender is a prominent one. Well, Moroccan Magic has a lavender flavor and its high key my FAVE.


If you need other ideas, I've got more so just hit me up. Lastly, don't be afraid to love Valentines Day and let the whole freakin world know it because it's love dang it and there is nothing better.



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