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Weekend Getaway in Wisconsin

This past weekend we made a trip up to pretty much the top of Wisconsin. It was a 19 hour car ride from Baton Rouge up to Park Falls (I believe that was the name of the place 😆). Yes, you heard that correctly; 19 hours....

On the way up we drove through the night and then when we got to my house to drop the dogs off we decided to take like a three hour nap so we could keep going for the rest of the like 8 hours lol. It was pretty rough so on the way back we decided to split that drive into two days which made it much more manageable but also I was sooo over the car ride that I couldn't help but be cranky.

Even though it was a brutal drive, I would say it was SO worth it! I mean can you just look at that view 😍 The beautiful changing of the seasons was exactly what I wanted to see.

I even got to whip out some of my fave fall/winter items (it was 30 degrees and snowing there 😬) and look like a stylish mountain woman (; I am always down for that! I wish we were there longer because I think hiking through some of the forests would have been incredible.

We spent most of our time fishing out on the lake. It was my first experience of fishing like this out on a boat. Like real fishing haha. I caught a few good ones and had fun time! I was happy I was able to experience it. I however, was not happy about having to hold a fish and might have possibly had a mild heart attack.

My FAVORITE part of it all was just spending time with Peter's family. I love his family and we were there with a bunch of them. His dad has four sisters and two brothers and they were all there except for his youngest brother. It was a full house and it was fun 😊

It was nice to just have time to talk with them where everyone has nothing else to do but connect. Did I mention there was no service? haha. We laughed, drank, and ate sooo much yummy food.

Everyone cooks massive meals ahead of time and brings all of it up to their little vacation house. I'm talking spaghetti and meatballs, twice baked potatoes, brats, Italian beef, a bunch of dips, cookies, and so much more. I was a happy camper 😉I am so thankful that Peter brought me along to experience a place where he spent a good chunk of his childhood and I can't wait until we get to do it again.

Here are some other amazing photos for you to enjoy!



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