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YouTube Adventures

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Hey Guys! SOOOO, if you didn't already know... I started YouTube with Peter.

Right now it's been "Kenzie's Kloset" videos where I give you fashion advice and tips on styling different pieces but there is a whole lot of different content to come.

I promise there will be something you like whether it's fashion, beauty, pranks, dog content, or couple things it's going to be a good time. Our channel is called, Perfect Knot - (Peter + Kenzie). And it's a knot because our love is unbreakable... Get it? (; Yeah kinda cheesy but kinda cute 💖

I would love for you to all follow along and SUBSCRIBE! It would seriously mean the world to me. It's such a fun hobby for us and I look forward to getting more content out there for ya! In the meantime, check out our three latest videos!!!

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