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Puppy Pains

Hey hey hey everyone!

This past weekend we made a BIG change! We got another POOPY (puppy but I like to say poopy) 🤪 We had been thinking about this for forever because I always wanted Nola to have a friend. I would get soooo freaking sad when I would leave my precious princess for work and she would just look at me with those sad eyes... you know the ones I'm talking about. Yeah they melt even the most frozen of hearts. ( reference to my favorite movie and if you don't know, leave).

We also had been talking about how we would like for that new baby to be an all black or red German Shepherd. We thought the color contrast would be super fun with the black and white puppers. But, for all of the reasons we wanted another pup there were a lot of reasons that would also deter one from doing so like.... the cost: for them, food, shots, toys, and apartment fees, etc.

We never really took the plunge even though I had been scoping out shelters for a good few months in bed and would roll over and be like, "babeeee look how precious this baby is..." and he would be like... "no." 🙃

It wasn't until my mom sent me a random text of a picture of a sweet all black German Shepherd baby. I was at work and my heart was like woahhh and I instantly called her and demanded for answers to all my questions. Long story short, he needed a home because the people who originally had him couldn't handle him and so my mom was like I'll take him because she knew that's what we had wanted. It worked out perfectly and was entirely meant to be.

Now, we have this amazing addition to our fam and we couldn't be happier. Nola is a tad jealous but honestly not doing to bad and for the puppy... he has peed on every square inch of this apartment but we are trying to keep our cool (;

OH and btw his name is Odysseus - Odin for short. Peter wanted to make sure he had a strong name and I just let him have this one (; ALSO - please pray for me as we continue to go through all of the pains of the puppy stages HAHA.


We also got their name tags in yesterday and I DIED for them! I ordered them from Etsy - here is the link! I decided to get a sun on Nola's and a moon on Odysseus's since they are my little day and night babies 🌞🌛

x, Kenzie

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