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Getting Your Apartment/Home Ready Before You Move

So, I am not a home owner yet but being an apartment renter is pretty similar. Minus having to pay for all of the things when stuff goes wrong like light bulbs or garbage disposals haha (; However, there are similarities of renovating your home so it's ready to sell and up keeping your apartment so it looks brand new before you leave (so you can get that moolah back LOL).

It might be the easy way out to just leave a few small holes in the wall, not scrub the oven, or even change the tiles in the bathroom but it certainly isn't the most cost effective way. The more you renovate or fix up your home before you go, the easier it is to sell or get your deposit back. Look, by renovating I certainly don't mean go spend tens of thousands of dollars. I sure as heck couldn't do that. Some of the renovations you can do are actually super cheap but will make the world of difference! We'll start with the big value adders and work our way down.

The Big Value Adders

Sometimes you have to make some bigger changes, if you want the bigger numbers to be added to your sale. But fortunately for you, that’s not actually that hard to do. You have to think about the aesthetics of your home, and what they might be missing at the minute to keep up with the times. Things like custom garage doors could make the outside of your home look so much better, and even though it’s a dramatic change to your home, it won’t be a dramatic change to your bank account. You should also really start to think about the main rooms of your home, and what could be changed with regards to them. These are the things that are going to add some real value to your home, because it’s the things that people are focusing on the most when looking round a home. Even if you don’t go for a full renovation, you still need to think about ways you can make them look ultra modern. Or, if you were going to go for something like a new bathroom, think of ways you reduce the cost of the renovation, even though the price of the sale would still go up all the same. Just changing out a flooring or changing a light fixture could add a modern touch and make the new buyers see value in your home.

Smaller Changes That Make A Difference

As we said, it’s the smaller changes that can sometimes make all of the difference, and that’s just about making your home as presentable as it can possibly be. Think about focusing on areas such as your garden and the front of your home, and doing that up so that it looks immaculate. It would still be small change, but you could think about putting some decking in the back garden, we really do think something like this look super modern and attractive, especially to new home buyers! Adding outdoor spaces instantly adds value to your home. If you're in an apartment like me the small things would be plugging in the holes from your tv or picture frames and wiping down you bathroom amenities and window sills. If the owners can walk in and feel like they don't have extra work they have to do then more times than not you'll get that full deposit back.

Peter and I are going to be preparing to move to a new apartment in April and will definitely be taking these considerations to mind. I'm thinking of writing a post on the moving process and of course will show you picture of the new place but that's not for awhile. I am going to be sad leaving our first apartment because it really is super gorgeous but sometimes saving money is just more important (;



*Please note that this post may have affiliate links*  Any products listed or reviews and opinions are as always of my own and true to how I feel.

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