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Libra Season; Facts About the Scales

I know Libra season has passed but I was a bad blogger and didn't publish it in time but I figured it was still worth sharing (;

If you didn't already know... I am a LIBRA and I am so gosh dang proud of it. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with zodiac signs and love reading my horoscope. I wanted to share some cool facts about us Libra's in honor of our season!

History: Libra is the seventh sign in the Zodiac and represents those born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22.

Libra is Latin for weighing scales, making it the only constellation of the Zodiac representing an inanimate object.

The association with scales and balance began with the ancient Babylonians, with the scales representing the balance between the seasons as well as day and night. (This must be why I have always been infatuated with both the sun and moon, morning and night - I'm all about balance lol).

Ruling Planet: Venus.

Libra Traits: The Libra-born are very balanced by nature, diplomatic, just and charming to the core. They are attractive people, and their cool and calm temperament attracts attention wherever they go. They often do their best to say and do things that others would like, and avoid arguments of any kind in any situation. It is very difficult for them to say 'no' to any request that people may make to them. They tend to be indecisive and are often misunderstood to be cunning. By and large, they may sometimes be selfish, or even detached, but will never back-stab anyone.

Positive Qualities of Libra: Tactfulness, alert, intellectual, charming, poised, ability to please, balanced, a definite craving for fair-play.

Negative Qualities of Libra: Insecurity, insincerity, detachment, artificiality, selfishness, laziness, superficiality.

Digging Deeper:

Harmony and Co-operation

The Sun in Libra at the time of birth indicates that the deep behavioural patterns that characterise the life expression are shared activities aimed at seeking harmony and co-operation in relationships with others. The Libran’s life is coloured by an urge to bring harmony and balance not only into their own personal one-to-one dealings but into their immediate surroundings. As well, more than any other Sun sign, the essence of Libra is discovering one’s self in connection with another.

A Need for Relating

Libra is one of the more social of the signs, and hence the field of sharing with others is uppermost. It is as though they only feel complete if another is in their life, whether in marriage, business or otherwise. This of course is a common human trait, but expressed more strongly in the Libran nature than in other signs. They find it hard to imagine life in a vacuum. Primarily their relationships are formed to satisfy a need to exchange on an intellectual level. Shared conversation, ideas and concepts give them greater self-understanding and fulfilment.

Peace Loving and Refined

Venus ruled Librans have a well-developed innate sense of what is aesthetically beautiful, attractive and in good taste. They seek grace and refinement in their life, whilst the crude, more harsh side of people and situations repels them. Running right through their life is a strong idealistic outlook which makes it difficult for them to directly face situations that are strife-ridden and call for confrontation.

Unbiased and Non-Judgemental

Librans have the ability to be fair and reasonable in judgement and hence make good arbitrators. However, their talent for seeing all sides of the case can render them torn between deciding which way to move. Whilst young the more peace-loving side of their sign may show through. This does not necessarily remain so, as many Librans learn with maturity to pit themselves against another and be highly competitive in their own way. Their life lesson is probably to learn to be more self-assertive.


Are you a Libra? Let me know what sign you are and why you love it in the comments!!



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