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Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Drawer

This is a serious question. Don't worry I won't freak out by your answer because mine was probably the same for the longest time up until today.  Have you ever thrown out old makeup???? I used to just hoard makeup all of the time. I would try and use things slowly because I thought that if I did that, I would have it longer and then wouldn't have to keep spending the money on it all of the time. But, this was a bad philosophy. Did you know that foundations and concealers only last around 6 months? *Secretly tossing out a tube of concealer I've had since sophomore year of college* All makeup has expiration dates just like anything else in this world. By using makeup that has been laying around for years can actually ruin your skin. And trust me, you don't want that. Having clean and healthy skin leads to happier life!  Your skin absorbs everything you put on it. Using expired makeup is like eating food that has gone all smelly and gross. While it may not realize it at first because you don't get sick like with bad food, it can cause all kinds of problems from inflammation to rashes and to allergic reactions that can be really severe, according to a celebrity makeup artist from the The Wall Group.

Skin care has a pretty set lifetime, but makeup has some wiggle room.

If you actually clean your brushes, wipe down all of your makeup bags, and close all of your lids tightly you will be able to preserve your makeup longer than normal. I know!!! That's so freaking hard and time consuming!!!!  Who actually has time to do all of that?  I barely wipe out my makeup bags and this is the worst thing EVER but I never washed a single brush once in my life... until today. Today, after this post I have realized how gross and terrible that is for me. *EmBarRiSsInG* I even use to leave the lid off of my moisturizer and this morning I realized the color was changing to a kind of yellowish hue and the consistency was weird. Normally, I'd put the lid back on and not think another thing about it. But, I actually threw it away ladies (philosophy moisturizer $$$$) and all; because that's just nasty. Now, is the time to start worrying and taking care of my skin! RIGHT? Who's with me?!?! Here is a handy list of expiration dates that I found online for every beauty product you might use <3 It is the perfect time for spring cleaning so go through your drawers and bags and everywhere old makeup might be hiding and GET RID OF IT!!!!

********** Happy Spring Cleaning **********

xo, Kenzie 

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