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The Latest Scoop on the Instagram Creator Profile

Have you heard about how Instagram is dropping a Creator Profile - similar to their business profile but will have more in depth tools for creators specifically? From what I can pick up, Instagram knows that its top performers on their platform are influencers. So, they wanted to make sure they were delivering on giving them a better experience. I wonder if it's because they've been getting so much heat for the algorithm and engagement haha (;

I mean I even have wanted to scream about that. But, no I'm sure that's the driving force.

What makes it different:

The Creator Account will give influencers specialized tools to manage their account easier. One of those ways are filters for the direct message inbox. I think this is SO amazing. I am a small influencer if you will or at least small social media guru and even I can sometimes feel like woah the inbox just gets a bit crazy - not all the the time - most of the time it's crickets... someone please DM me and ask me a question hahahahha.

Before this account they only had the Business Profile so you could see some basic and I mean BASIC analytics - like only a week at a time. Pretty lame. And then it disappears.

If you don't have a business account it looks something like this (disclaimer this is not to my account):

With the Creator Account this will be in more depth and even let you see data around follows and unfollows. This will be especially useful in understanding what content is resonating with your following and help you narrow in on your niche.

Another cool option is the shopping directly from instagram. Starting next week, users can shop directly from a creator’s account without ever leaving Instagram. With the ability to tag products in their posts, creators can make it easy for their followers to shop their favorites directly from their feed.

I read somewhere, where they saying... who knows, before long Instagram may reward its influencers in the same way as Twitter’s Verified users, YouTube’s verified channels, Twitch’s Partners, and so on. I feel like like there is countless opportunities and I'm excited to watch the influencer industry just continue to grow.

I will for sure be making the switch to the creator profile if/when they ever decide to let us smaller people use it (; I'm over this whole you have to have 10K to swipe thing... Just let us all use the nice features... what is this the olden times where people have their rights taken away and only the elites get the best of the best.....

Until next time!

X, Kenzie

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