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The Perfect Place to Rest Your Head

Why is finding a bed spread so hard!!!

I searched FOREVER and I do mean forever until I was finally satisfied with the bedding that I was going to use in my apartment. 

I felt like it just had to be perfect and nothing seemed to be good enough. In my mind the bed is like the main focus of the bedroom. Once you decide the feel and color scheme you are trying to go for you can then pick out your bedspread and from there everything else just seems to trickle down like curtains and decorations. 

Am I right??

Like who would you know if you wanted black picture frames or brown ones if you didn't know if your bed spread was going to be purple or yellow? And you can't pick out colored curtains without knowing what colors would accent the bedspread. 

I searched all over the internet for the best bedspread and finally decided that you can't go wrong with a white down comforter. It is clean and classic and not to mention I could add whatever colored pillows I desired! Plus, I really love that big, fluffy, full look that beds have with down comforters. 

I got my down comforter from Target and then I also found two large decorative pillows with blue, red, and white patterns on them. I found the smaller yellow ones at Target as well and then the stars of the show are... my aztec print throw pillows from Ikea

Guys, I have an obsession with these pillows! I saw them for the first time when my boyfriend took me to Ikea in the start of the summer. It was my first ever trip to Ikea (gasp) I know how awful that I have been deprived of this wonderful place for so long!!

Anyways, it was love at first sight. You can ask my boyfriend, I didn't stop talking about them until the about the las week of summer when we went back and I finally bought them. 

I am so satisfied with how they look and I feel like the really make the whole room. Plus, I mean come on, they are black and white so you can match them with anything. 

You know what that means???? This pillows will be around in my house forever <3 <3 <3 

So two things I learned from this experience. 

1. Target always wins. Always. 

2. Ikea = heaven 

As if you weren't aware of this already (; 



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