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Transition Your Look From Day to Night

So, I was going to start this off with... We've all been there; it's almost five on a Friday afternoon and you realize you have less than 10 minutes to bring some life back into your face so you can make it to happy hour with your friends. Buttttttt, I don't go to happy hour and I don't think I have ever had to leave work to make it for drinks anywhere hahaha. That might be the case for some of you but for me a more realistic start would be more like this - It's 5:50 on Friday afternoon and I realized I have 10 minutes to take my barely there makeup look to the next level before we meet Peter's research group friends at a restaurant or a recreational league sports game.

Not as cool, I know but I still like to freshen up and put my best face forward no matter the occasion. So who relates better to my second story? Just me? It's okay I admit I am lame.

The best way to enhance your look is to focus on one of the most important parts of your face: your eyes. Ahead, find three hacks that will completely transform your day makeup into a night version that will have you Instagram (and dinner) ready.

Hack 1: Get Winged

Adding a wing to your bare eye makeup is by far the best way to add a little drama and personality to your (most likely) tired eyes. One of our favorite products to achieve this is the KAT VON D Tattoo Liner. Grab the pen and drag it from the inner corner of the eye toward the end, and flick it out.  

Hack 2: Amp Up Your Lashes

Next, to further define your eyes and make them look grammable, curl your lashes and add another coat of mascara with a volumizing formula — something like Better Than Sex by Too Faced is my trusted old friend.

Hack 3: Brighten It Up

Your look is not complete without a little shimmer. To further bring out your night eye, line your waterline with the Maybelline Lasting Drama Light Eyeliner Pencil in Starlight Gold. The extra sparkle will add just the right amount of detail you need and will make you look like you spent way more than 5 minutes crafting your look.

Hack 4: Conceal and Color

My last two things I like to do to brighten the face is to dab a little concealer under the eyes and lightly tap it out with my fingers and then pop on some blush. In two seconds your face looks brighter, more awake and ready for a night out on the town.

And just like that your makeup has gone from ehh to ahh in a matter of minutes! No one will no it only took you 10 minutes to look that fabulous! Now, the your next problem is coming up with a way to remember to bring your makeup with you to work that day (;



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