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2017 Swim Suit Trends

Year after year I am reminded of the most painful and challengingshopping item of the season... swimsuits. 

I have a weird body where nothing fits because the cups are wayyyyto small so I get an XL but then the straps around just sagoff of my body so it's not like it holds anything up anyway. 

And I won't even begin to talk about bottoms because they just suck. 

Well, I know I am not the only person that struggles with buying swimsuits. So, I figured I would comprise a list of some websites that have some pretty decent swimwear. As well as, introduce some of the popular styles for this season. 

2.) Revolve

3). Venus

5). Asos

7). Torid

9). Target

10.) Aerie

If you are like me and just start crying every time you try on swimsuits because nothing is what you are looking for and you feel uncomfortable in everything you put on, remember: YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE. The swimsuit should be made to fit YOU and help to make you feel BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENT like the amazing women you are! 

Oh and I will be running to Love Culture for my swimsuits this season! I haven't tried theirs before but they have so very cute and trendy suits so I hope the quality and fit follows suit. (haha see what I did there, 'suit' (; yeah I know I am lame). 

Where is your favorite place to get amazing swimsuits? I would seriously love to hear about new places!!

xo- Kenzie

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