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Get Creative With Your Closet

Something I briefly talked about in my latest podcast episode is taking old pieces and creating entirely new outfits for photoshoots. I know it can be so easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need new pieces all of the time to be a "good" fashion blogger - to inspire people about outfits and to tagged products for them to shop. I do it too and it does lead to me sometimes going out to buy an outfit just for this exact thing and then I soon regret it.

That is why I try to be more intentional about using old pieces for new looks and then inspiring people to use things they already have in their closet to create fashion magic 🤩

I did that here with this outfit and I am OBSESSED with how this look turned out. I purchased this tank top American Eagle dress like yearssss ago. I think maybe even high school.... Actually I'm pretty sure it was high school lol. And It has been such a go to piece that I LOVE. I paired it with this white knit crop sweater from Forever 21 last year (I'm pretty sure they have it again this season too) and topped it off with my baker boy (conductor?) (newsboy?) hat from Maui Nix. Honestly, I'm not sure what to call it lol.

And voilá! A whole new look with pieces I've had for quite some time. Have I inspired you to get creative with your closet?



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