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4 of the Ultimate Must-Haves in Closet Comfort

When you find a perfect white T-shirt or a really bomb jacket, or perhaps a really versatile black dress, then you are off to a great start on creating a capsule wardrobe. I have been really into capsule wardrobes lately and when I say binge watch I mean I have been BINGE WATCHING videos on YouTube for weeks! Something about it is so drawing to me.

When you are able to build a closet that is a streamlined selection of items, it makes your day to day dressing much simpler. As well as, you are helping the environment, aren't supporting fast fashion as much, helping your wallet, and just being a more sustainable person.

But as well as the everyday wear, what about the things that you want in your closet for comfortable days, lounging around, and your activewear? There are a few must-haves that work in a capsule wardrobe too, but are all based around comfort. So if you don't know where to start when it comes to building up the comfortable essentials in your closet, then here are a selection of the pieces that are a must; is there anything else that you would add to the list?

Black Gym Leggings

The ultimate in comfort and versatility are a pair of leggings. They can be worn with sneakers and a vest top, or throw on with a hoodie, and you’ve got a look for the gym, as well as for being outdoors, being active, or just wanting to be comfortable when at home or at the store (I mean I think we all know the importance of a good pair of black leggings). You can get them most places, but the lululemon or Fabletics are probably my favorite for athletics and then the Lula Roe ones are the best thing every for everyday wear.

Chunky White Sneakers

As well as a pair of running shoes, chunky white sneakers are really on trend at the moment, and are the ultimate in comfort. They can be worn with sweats as well as jeans; even skirts and dresses. So they are a must to have in your closet this season. I found a cute pair that was reasonably priced from Fashion Nova!


A long tunic top is another style that is comfortable and super flattering. For a casual look, comfortable tunics can be worn with skinny jeans and sneakers, or just worn with sweats for a comfy outfit at home. My personal favorite way to style them is wearing as a dress with tights and a cute pair of socks and boots! Awww the perfect fall outfit! 😍

Sports Bra

Another winner when it comes to comfort is a good sports bra that is going to support you in the right way. Even if you don’t plan to be going out running anytime soon, anything from yoga to hiking will need the right level of support. So getting a good sports bra is a must. The Victoria’s Secret Sport range is a good one as well as Fabletics for support but if you just want some comfortable soft ones check out Walmart! I still have a sports bra I purchased there from over like 10 years ago no joke.

What is your ultimate in comfort when it comes to activewear or loungewear? It would be great to hear what you think.

xx, Kenzie

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