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Bare + Bold White Bodysuit

Well Sunday night, we meet again.

The weekend has come and gone and I am laying in bed partially happy to just get to be laying here, but also partially freaking out that I feel like I have NOTHING done that I wanted to get done. OH WELL. I can't really have a pitty party now. That just means that Monday will be one the Mondayiest Monday's... 

Do you guys know what I am talking about here? Please tell me you've experienced this nonsense too... I feel like if we have each other then we will be able to make it through those Monday blues! 

Anywhoooo, even though I may have fallen behind on homework, reading, laundry, etc. (I'll stop now before I cry myself to sleep) I did get to whip out this gorgeous body suit from Sixth and Vine yesterday!!!!

This beauty is only $22 and its light weight, comfortable, and ADORABLE! You should head on over to their site so you can be a #SIXTHbabe too! <3 

Outfit Details

Pants: Apricot Lane / Cello / Size 3 / Similars here and here

I hope you guys are more prepared for your Monday than I am! I'll catch ya later babes. 

xo- Kenzie

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