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Did Someone Say Online Shopping?

Alright, so let me just put this out there. I. Love. Online. Shopping.

You mean I can shop without having to drive far away, walk around aimlessly just to possibly find nothing worth buying, and potentially save more money because I don't buy other non necessities like food... okay food is a necessity but not when you buy a pizza, and then a sandwich, and a pretzel, and then of course Starbucks. I realize now, why I never have the money to buy the clothes that I actually went shopping for in the first place.

Back to the online shopping part. It just works for me okay?

I have also gotten pretty good at finding random boutiques with extremely cute clothes and outlandishly expensive prices, but I have also found some goodies that allows me to not break the wallet (at least not all of the time). And, I thought I would share some of my most treasured secrets so that you, too, can get your online shopping self on!

1. Spool No. 72

This site has been on my radar for a few years now. I have gotten some of my favorite pieces here and they never disappoint. Not to mention, you can really find some good deals once the seasons end, especially on their shoes!!

(One of my favorite pair heels that I ordered from Spool No. 72! Who doesn't love fringe!!!)

2. SheIn

I haven't personally purchased anything off of this site [yet]. I have been searching for awhile though and you know those outfits that you find on Pinterest and really want to buy but can never actually find them in a shop... well, ta da,  you can probably find them here! I have been dying to have this dress ever since the day I pinned it and now that day has finally come. You also can't beat the prices!

3. Shophearts

I love this site because they keep it simple! It catches my attention but also allows me to look at it with ease. It has such basic, staple pieces that everyone should add to their closet pronto! Also, they have the cutest heels that remind me of Steve Madden without the crazy, expensive prices!

4. Lulu's

I'm sure some of you have seen, heard, or shopped from Lulu's but, I wanted to add this site because I purchased a dress for one of my sorority formals here and it was gorgeous! I loved the way it fit and it held true to all reviews! Definitely a good place to shop when you're in a hurry!

(Please ignore the poor quality of the photo's, but I had to post it so you could see how cute the back was!!!)

5. Dainty Hooligan

If you want that bright, summer, girly vibe you should definitely head yourself over to Dainty Hooligan! They have the perfect summer attire for anyone! Even if you're like me and don't like to add a lot of color to your closet (everything is cream, black, and hunter green) you need to branch out every once in awhile so people don't think you're boring! Take my word for it. Plus color can be fun!!

6. Clad & Cloth

This one was a newer find when I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Cara Loren, write a post about one of the dresses she ordered off of the site! I love the vintage vibe that these clothes give off and I have my eye on a couple of dresses that will really top off my wardrobe.

(I continuously try to buy this dress and it is continuously sold out... *sigh*)

7. Three Bird Nest

If you know me, you know that my style is sort of a mixture of all things CUTE!!! But my most signature go to is usually bohemian. That is exactly what you'll find at Three Bird Nest. Yes I know, the name is a little different but that is what makes it so great! Well, that and the fact that you get gorgeous boho fashion at affordable prices! (I never have to cry over pieces at Free People that I can't afford and now you don't have to either!)

8. Cheerful Chic Boutique

Literally just found this... like seconds before I started writing this post. So, sorry if you don't like it but I am about to go check it out for myself. At first glance, it looked pretty promising!

Happy shopping lovies!!


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