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Disney Princess Bounding 👑

Ahhh Disney...

Who else is a MAJOR fan? I mean Disney as a whole I am low-key obsessed but Disney Princesses... I am high-key! I love all of their stories, the love, the magic, the drama! I think they are incredible, strong women with lesson to teach and beauty to bestow upon everyone both inside and out.

Sometimes when women say they thing they don't like their stories because they teach girls they need a man to save them, I NEVER felt like that. Instead I grew up learning that women were powerful. Women could be leaders. They knew how they should be loved and the took awful situations and turned them into good ones. They stayed true to themselves and always chose kindness. That's what I learned from Disney Princesses.

Anyway, no matter how you feel on the matter to each their own. I wanted to do a Princess Look Book for you all to give you some helpful tips on future *bounding and hopeful bring a smile to your face.

*Bounding - the act of dressing up in spirit of a character but not in costume. You use normal everyday pieces to bring them to life in forms of colors, symbols, and key characteristics.* You can watch my full YouTube video here but for a quick run down here are my outfits 😊👑

Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

Here, I used her main color scheme with the tan, black, and white from scene in the forest and made sure to use pink and blue accessories since there is that whole fight throughout the movie on what color her dress should be 💙💗

Princess Ariel - The Little Mermaid

This has her main color scheme with the red shoes, purple skirt, and green top. The order might be reversed butttt you get the picture (; I also added a few starfish accessories and a dinglehopper🍴

Princess Tiana - The Princess and the Frog

I used her yellow dress from her waitressing days and added a pop of white in my hat instead of an apron. My skeleton earrings were a nod to Dr. Facilier and the voo doo magic that takes place in the movie. I love this one since I live in Louisiana 😆🐊

Princess Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Oh you already know I had to make sure I had a book and a rose for this look. The blue dress with the white top underneath is the perfect paring for her iconic village dress. My earrings were a little hint to France, where her movie takes place!

Princess Jasmine - Aladdin

Channeling all the Arabian vibes here with my gold accessories. I went with a two piece outfit to make it similar to her pants and crop top and thought doing my hair like hers would be the perfect finish to the look. Does anyone else think it's weird how this is the only princess movie that isn't mainly about the princess...?

Princess Rapunzel - Tangled

I feel like I have Rapunzel's and Elsa's spirits combined so I love anytime I get to dress up like either of the two. This pink and purple dress from Target is COMPLETELY something I feel like blondie would wear and I added some humor with the frying pan! Who knew how dangerous those things could be (;

Don't forget to watch my video for a full look! Who do you think I encompassed the best? OH and let me know who YOUR favorite princess is 😊

Until then, happy princess'ing!!!

x, Kenzie

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