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Distressed Jeans

I felt like taking a gander down the street the other day to one of my favorite boutiques. I knew I shouldn't but when your office is literally a block in front of it, it is just so hard to resist. Actually, it's very dangerous where my work is located because every food chain you can imagine is on the same street and Urban Outfitters is a block in the opposite direction...

What is a girl supposed to do when she has all of these temptations surrounding her all of the time?!? I think I am doing a killer job at keeping it more of  a monthly trip instead of an hourly trip like I would prefer. 

Anyways back to the boutique!! Apricot. Lane. It is the bomb and has so many cute clothes and accessories all of the time. They even started selling Mantra Bands in store, which I have been obsessed with for awhile now but could only find them online for like ever! But now, if you don't know what they are check them out at or you can go to Apricot Lane Boutique and pick out yourself the total package outfit includingggggg these amazing ripped, cropped jeans! (; 

The weird thing about Apricot though is that their website is kinda strange and you have to select the state you want to shop in and then the website just doesn't do it justice. So, promise me one thing, when you go it's best to go in person if that is an option. You'll have a WAY better experience. 

Oh and yes I titled this blog post this way for a reason because I am tired of people, (mainly my grandma), asking me if I bought my jeans like this. Yes. I like ripped jeans okay? It's an edgy look that I totally dig. So, if you're like me and have family members or other people question your thought process behind buying these BEAUTIFUL PANTS all of the time you can do what I do. Which is, usually starting the conversation with, "Yes I bought my jeans like this on purpose..." and then proceed with your conversation about whatever you wanted to say.

It works for the most part. They seem to be happy that I recognized their distaste in my pant choice and I get to cut to the chase and not have to justify my choice in buying them (; 

Who's ready to see that outfit with those ripped jeans I've went on a long and pointless rant about... Raise ya hand?!? 

Pants: Cello / Apricot Lane / Size 3

I couldn't fine these exact ones on the website but I've linked a similar pair hereand hereand here.

Blouse:Lush / Von Maur / Size Small

Similar ones are hereand here.

Cardigan:H&M / Size Small 

Similar ones are hereand here and here

Necklace:Choker / Earthbound Trading Co. 

Similar ones are here and hereand here

Socks:American Eagle 

Similar ones hereandhere and basically any of their bomb socks.

Booties: Get yourself a good pair of black booties you will wear them with everything! Linked some here and hereand here

So there ya have it. That's my look for this week! I hope you are all ready for Thursday and hey it's super close to being the weekend.. almost... kinda.... Make it a good one! 

-xo Kenzie

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