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Fall is Coming

Before you say it... I know I just kind of vanished from blogging for a hot second. Allow me to explain a little. Although, it is not an excuse because I guess it just boils down to I  got lazy, tired, and a little overwhelmed.

So, around the middle of August my summer was over and I had to make the lovely 11 hour trek back to Illinois. As soon as I got back, I hit the ground running and when I say running... I mean RUNNING! I had two long days of a staff retreat for my office. Then, that weekend I left for Las Vegas for a bachelorette party (Vegas was awesome by the way). When I returned I officially started my work week which meant long commutes of about an hour and half just one way.

Little caveat; This semester I am living at home and commuting to Champaign because of expenses and other reasons but maybe that is for another blog post to come because I could talk/write for hours. Back to the story; Classes resumed and with that, the huge coursework of reading and other materials got piled on. I am living in a sort of limbo of having stuff in my car and spread out all over my childhood home, which has proven to be quite as hectic as it sounds and hasn't really allowed me to get organized or get a consistent schedule going yet.

To top it all off, this past weekend was labor day and I used that weekend to travel back to Louisiana to see my love and then traveled back on Monday. Just to have another long week of traveling for work and class. That brings us back to the here and now.... Friday. I finally have a day off and some free time to get my head around things and it feels soooo good to be back and blogging. I feel like I need to be better about giving you all a heads up and maybe some life updates every now and then so maybe I'll add that to my calendar (if I ever get a calendar made).  

Well, now that you might understand a little why I abandoned this precious space of mine for a time being, lets get back to the real reason of this post: Fall is coming. And yes, that was supposed to be punny and I was hoping some GOT peeps might make a connection. Or, I could have failed miserably and it was really lame. Either way my day will go on 💁🏼

Sometimes I am torn about whether I HATE this weather or I LOVE it. I h a t ebeing cold. I usually am anemic which doesn't help and just plain freezing all of the time. Honestly, I need like a constant traveling heater with me to keep my alive (I am aware this is an issue). But, need I say it.... the clothes and fashion for fall/winter clothing is just soooooo much better! There is more trends you can follow, more layers, and I think it is just way more fun to try and dress up and make it a style all of your own. Plus, dressing up in winter is a win win because you look cute but also still feel like your sleeping in a cloud. Which is my personal favorite reason for this season. How about you? 

I wanted to share with you one of my in-between outfits for this fall season because here in the Midwest we are experiencing a cold front for sure but I am notconvinced that it is entirely here to stay. So how do you wear clothes that will be great for both a summer/fall season until we completely transition? Well, look no further than a little scroll to the bottom of this screen (; 

 (please ignore the stupid tag sticking up... thanks mom lol)

One of the best ways of achieving an accommodating outfit for in-between weather is... layers. In this outfit, I am wearing a light weight sweater from Glik's. I wore my jean jacket over it in the morning when the air still had that little chill to it. I have been living in my loafers right now because I just can't quitecrank out the boots yet, but these allow my feet to still be warm and feel more fall esque. I am SO OVER SANDALS. Honestly, just not a fan of those things #nosupport

The colors of the clothing is what will help you shift your summer looks over to fall ones. You could still wear a summer white dress but where a hunter or olive green or burnt orange cardigan over it and pair it with some brown booties or loafers and BOOM... you have yourself some perfect fall weather outfits. 


Top: White light weight sweater from Gliksbut they don't sell it online so I have linked something similar hereand here. If you go to the store to find it - I bought a size mediumso it was a little looser fit.

Bottom: Beulah Moto Leggings in Olive $39 in size medium / a lot of places I would normally wear a small but these are a little tighter on the booty if you have one. If so I would recommend going up a size.

Shoes: Corbin Mule by Halogen$89.95 / These run a little small so I recommend going up a half a size!I normally wear a 6 1/2 and bought these in a 7. 

Bag: I bought this bag at Target last season. Similar here and here.

Necklace: Altar'd State Romeo, Save Me Necklace$29.95

Happy fall shopping babes! Catch ya later. 



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