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Find Your Style

I have always wanted to look grungy. I thought it was the cutest fashion style and I loved how edgy women looked when wearing it. They just exuded confidence because they were so confident and sure of themselves. I however, always struggled finding those kind of outfits because no matter how hard I try I usually end up putting some type of feminine touch on the outfits that made them look more cutesy-girly than edgy and grungy. 

But you know what.... oh well because that's what makes it my style right?! I can still be a bad ass in a graphic tee wearing a skirt or some frills. I am just Kenzie's version of a bad ass. Haha idk if everyone try's to reach the level of bad ass when they are getting dressed in the morning but I'm going to be honest sometimes that is just what I am going for. 

Basically, what I'm saying is that you can wear whatever style of clothes you want. Don't be worried about how you look in them because if you like it then you rock it. Don't be worried that people don't think you're hipster enough so you couldn't wear something like that. That's lame and stupid. You can wear anything. You just have to feel happy and comfortable in it. I may be pretty feminine and love my pink and sparkles and that's okay that just means I add a touch of that to my hipster or indie clothes as well as my hot edgy all black leather pants. I am me and my clothes represent all different parts of me and that is really freakin cool! So be you! And don't worry about what others will think when you are wearing the clothes that make you smile because it doesn't matter if they think you're too athletic to pull of a dress. 

No, what you do is say, "Excuse me, but I didn't know you had the power to tell me what I like or don't like."

I mean it. Say that to people next time they tell you you can't wear something. Unless it is a super close trusted friend and maybe they are just looking out for your best interest. Maybe then you should listen (; 

This is my take on grungy graphic tee's but of course with my feminine twist! 

Outfit numero uno

If you don't have a Love Your Melon beanie you're missing out and you need to get one ASAP! 

My skirt is from Gliks and my awesome tee is from American Eagle. 

Outfit numero dos

This tee is from the Abraham Lincoln Museum In Springfield, IL. I have this great love for Mr. Abe and I couldn't live without this t-shirt!

My dress is from Von Maur. Talk about a store that never disappoints. 

Adding my gold jewelry and choker necklace just really finished off this look for me! 

Hope you feel inspired to add your own flare to your clothes <3 

xoxo - Kenzie 

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