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FREE PEOPLE Lilou Printed Dress

I hope your Monday is a little better than mine so far and that the sun is brighter, your smile is bigger, and your coffee is stronger! 

I had a wonderful weekend with my boyfriend and even got to go to a wedding with him the night before I dropped him off at the airport. I thought it was kind of fitting and the best thing we could have done on the night before, because we got to celebrate love at its purest and happiest form. Everyone is happy on the day of a wedding getting to see the bright, new love in the eyes of the two being wed. Even then, seeing the love that is still shining bright after all of these years in the families and friends is also inspiring.

It gave me hope, thats for sure. On what our future is going to be and what I have to look forward to once school is over. Another good thing it also did, was gave me a chance to wear my new, beautiful, favorite Free People Lilou Printed Dress!!!!

One reason I am also fangirlingover this dress is because its perfect for spring, summer, AND fall! Talk about getting good use out of it huh? I mean I can even see pairing it with some tights, booties, and a sweater for a perfect winter look!

Want to hear the kicker???? I found this dress on Nordstrom off the Rack so it takes the price from $128 to $59.97!!!!!!! I know, I know. You're welcome haha. But for real, I hope you enjoy <3 I am wearing a size small in the color Wisteria. The official Free People site and Nordstrom off the Rack offer different color options. 



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