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Geauxing Downtown

Channeling all bohemian hippies ✌️🦋

Over Memorial Day weekend Peter and I mostly chillaxed (yes lame word choice, I know). We live about a mile from downtown Baton Rouge so we loved to take Nola for walks along the river walk and then hang out by the Mississippi River for a bit before we stroll downtown taking in the sites and people. 

Seriously, its a cute little area and I  love that I get to live so close to it to be able to do it regularly. I also love just taking in the mighty Mississippi. I remember when I was little and my dad would always tell us how important this river was to the United States and he would get so excited to see the barges floating down the river. He never takes sites like this for granted. He appreciates the little things, the things that most people overlook because it is just a river. But he sees it as this beautiful body of water that God blessed us with. A body of water that allowed the United States to grow and be successful. That is how I will always think of the Mississippi River and my dad. 

 Anyone else have parents like this? That no matter how many times you rolled your eyes at them when you were younger they continuously tried to spark your attention and get you to see the beauty in the mundane. Because they knew one day you would appreciate it too. 


Outfit Details: 

Top: I am wearing the UO Magdalena Wrap Halter Top in Chartreuse. It is a size M and I would say it is pretty TTS. They don't currently sell it anymore but here are some similar ones - here and here. And no I am not wearing a bra with this top. 

Pants: I am wearing the Silence + Noise Lara Culotte Pant from Urban Outfitters but they aren't selling these anymore either but no worries I found some pretty spot on dupes here and here and here

Shoes: Women's Kerrigan Slide Sandal - Universal Thread™ / Size 6 - TTS / $12.99



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