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Glamour Farms Boutique / Life Advice

I mentioned the other day on Instagram how my sister works for this boutique. It's a local boutique located in Louisville, IL. Which, if you have no idea where that is at (because I didn't before she started working there) is kind of by Effingham. I'm sure you have some idea where that is. If not then there is a thing called a map. haha just kidding but not really 😉

I have gotten a few items now from this incredible store and every one is so unique and adorable. Much like these incredible joggers. I am wearing a size small and they fit perfectly. I was however struggling with what to pair them with and obviously you can't go wrong with a black tee but I am thinking an olive green sweater would be PERFECT! They don't have these listed online :/ but I am going to link a few of my other favorites right now that do they do have up. If you want these pants I guess you will be needing that map (; 

If you are into florals, fun colors and just super trendy pieces then this a cool place for you to shop! 

Before I let you go, I wanted to leave you with a piece of advice. Random, I know but it is something that has been weighing on my heart and when I was listening to the radio the other day it was as if they were talking about me and my exact situation of life right now. If it helped me then it might help you too ☺️

Now this is nothing you haven't heard before I am sure but it is still great nonetheless.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

I think it can be easy to forget that so many people are always having bad days or struggling with things in their life when we are going through a hard time ourselves. When we are struggling we start to only think about ourself and how people are intentionally hurting us or just making things worse. This has been the case for me because I would take things really personal when someone would say a comment that wasn't the nicest. I felt attacked and that it wasn't rightfully deserved. But then after hearing this I remembered that it probably wasn't coming from a place where they were trying to target me or make me feel this way but that they too are going through  hard time and so the anger or frustration can sometimes get transferred without meaning to. Everyone is just trying to do the best they can in this world. I think it is great to sometimes take a step back and ask yourself why someone acted the way they did and maybe they are struggling just as much as you are right now. Everyone deserves a pass or a second chance every once in awhile. 

Happy Wednesday babes! 



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