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Glik's Fall Outfit

So, it is almost my birthday and with that.... that means that I get lots of birthday coupons from all of the stores that have my email. Normally, it drives me crazy when stores ask for my email address and I try to shut them down and say no that's okay, but somehow they always get me and I ended up just telling them my address so I can avoid the hassle of telling them no. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

And as annoying as their junk emails are, their birthday emails are the greatest. I mean who doesn't like money off your order?!? That my friends is how I got this outfit you see below. Glik's sent me my birthday coupon (even thought it is not until the 29th) so of course I was like "shopping spree time!!!". 

And there will be plenty more of those when I get my Ulta Beauty one with double the points and every other department and beauty store that has found my weakness and offered me coupons. Even though the coupons usually suck and aren't even worth it and make you spend more than you planned on spending to even use the freakin coupon. Yeah that happened to me here but I mean the Piko and the headband are just soooo cute!!!! So, ehh that don't bother me none! 

If you have never bought a Piko before you are missing out because it is like leggings for the top half of your body #socomfortable

By the way, anyone have any guesses on how old I am going to be? If you don't know you'll have to wait until my birthday probably when I do a full post for it (: It will be like a fun waiting game (; 

 Outfit Details

Top: Piko Dresses Three Quarter Sleeve Tunic in Charcoal / Size small (TTS) / $20.00

Bottoms: Any old pair of black leggings that you have lying around 

Shoes: Corbin Mule Halogen / Size 7 (runs small so order 1/2 size up / $89.95

Headband: Natural Life Boho Bandeau Headband in Turquoiseand Pink/ $13.00

Necklace 1: 14" Drop Down Lariat with a Gold Sun/Moon Charm / $27.00

Necklace 2: Marble Stone Necklace with a Daisy Chain / Similar here and here



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