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Goodbye July / July Favorites

I wanted to start a new series on my blog where I do a roundup of all of my absolute faves for that month. I thought it would be a fun way to look back on what really made me smile and what I think is the best of the best

This will help us both out! I get to reflect on what I need more of in my life to make more of my days filled with joy and YOU get to see what products and brands are really worth your time! It's a win-win, right? Well, I guess we will try it out and see how it goes (; 

I will normally try and post these on the last days of the month but I have been traveling back and forth between Louisiana and Illinois so ehh... August 2nd will have to do 😏

1. Aquis - Lisse Luxe Hair Turban - Chevron. I wrote about this in my post for the Posh VoxBox. I really, really do love this hair turban. I have always tried to find something that will take away the frizziness and you know I never really found something until this cool thing. The print doesn't hurt either (; I haven't let this leave my side and I promise you will be the same way.

2. VicTsing Oil Diffuser. Okay this little number makes my soul *S I N G*. I have wanted a diffuser for as long as  I can remember but I never took the plunge because #broke. I have been using it everyday. Especially during yoga time and bed time! The only downfall is it is kinda small so it doesn't fill a whole room with the scent, but I still love it! 

3.Targe - Women's Tube Jumpsuit - Xhilaration. Gahh it is just AMAZING! I love the flow to it. I love the tube top. It just gives me that boho vibe that I am all about and the price is pretty great too! I wrote a full review on this Tube Jumpsuitin the beginning of July where you can read more about it! 

4. Dermalogica - Stress Positive Eye Lift. This was another find from the Posh VoxBox. I have seen an incredible change in my puffiness and dark circles from using this product. I love how cool and soothing the applicator tip is and I LOVE knowing that when I use it I will feel bright eyed and ready to take on the day!!! 

5. Walmart - Flamingo Island Float. This floaty is the bees knees!!!! Like I am seriously so in love with this thing. It is actually a friends but I am so obsessed with it that I knew I needed to get it for myself. It is so huge and it's only $30 dollars, idk what could be more perfect. But in all seriousness it has made my July summer months a lot happier! And yes this is why I used a flamingo in the above image (; 

6. Guac.Okay this isn't something that I can link obviously and I don't think it even needs any explanation. I. am. obsessed. with. guacamole. I mean I have always loved it and always will but throughout July Peter and I have been making it every week because it is the perfect, yummy snack!! #guacforthewin 

7.Spoga Premium - Yoga Mat. This has been the month that I really got into yoga. Peter and I have been making it a ritual that we do some kind of practice at 9 o'clock every night (clearly, it doesn't always happen like that) but we try our best (; On Amazon Prime Day I got  two yoga mats. They are extra thick and foamy so it doesn't hurt my weak wrists and boney knees... we all have them right? (; I wrote a post a few weeks ago about yoga and athleisureand my lack thereof on cute workout clothes than you can check out too! 

And there ya have it guys! My July Favorites! I hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for next months post (: 



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