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How I Stay Motivated to Workout

I know I can't be the only one who has wanted to start working out or eating better or just being healthier but then you get a week into it and you just slowlyyyy start skipping out on workouts and then grab a soda instead of water. If I am the only one like this then maybe I need your tips!!! BUT if you are like me and can't seem to stay motivated when it comes to working out I have rounded up a few tips for you to try and keep you on track! 

1. Wash your hair only on days you workout. 

I  read this online once and was like, "hmm that seems like a good idea!" And it works! This way if you're hair is getting to day three and really needs a wash you know you HAVE to workout or you have to go to work with greasy hair. And there ain't nobody that's got time for that... 

2. Put on your cute workout clothes. 

This helps because half the battle is done. You are all dressed and ready to go. You just have to actually get yourself to the gym now. OR opt in for an at home workout! Those are my favorite (; If you want to check out the outfit I am wearing you can buy it here. I am wearing the Twilight Sports Bra and Twilight Leggings in Violet. Both are size small. I am a shortie so I have to cuff the pants so they aren't too long but that's normal for me because I have to do that with just about every pair of pants. These things are soooo buttery soft and hands down one of my favorite workout outfits EVER. 

3. Write down how you feel after every workout. 

This one is soooo important. If you can write down all of those good feelings, that rush of adrenaline, that high you get after a workout then maybe when you are lower than low and have ZERO motivation you can kick your booty into gear!

4. Try group fitness.

Maybe the solo thing isn't working for you. Some people thrive off the energy of a group. Plus, no-one wants to be the person who gives up and leaves early. I  like group fitness when it comes to cross fit or zumba and classes like that. 

5. Friendly Competition. 

At work, we recently started a stepping challenge to stay active and move more. I have NEVER been as motivated to get 10,000 steps a day in my life than I have with this. I will walk around in circles in my apartment at 10pm at night if I haven't reached the mark yet. Now that is dedication! 

6. Surround yourself with motivation. 

Anddd when all else fails, do what I always do. Put up inspirational/motivational quotes all around you to keep positive thoughts and feelings in plain site. Quotes are my best friend! 

Even with these helpful tips I don't always stay on track, but they do help! They help you little by little and day by day do more and stay motivated. And if nothing else, at least you get cute new workout clothes out of it (;



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