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How to Make Leggings Work Appropriate

I know we all struggle with how to make leggings work appropriate from time to time. I also know that leggings are so much more comfortable than stuffy old dress pants and that we would much rather wear them everyday of the week. I'm coming at ya with my tips and tricks on how to make leggings look dressed up so they pass all dress codes and are appropriate for anyone to wear to work.

Tip 1: Wear materials on top that are dressy.

This will counteract the casualness of leggings on the bottom.

Tip 2: Cuff your leggings to make them look like cuffed pants.

When you cuff them they don't look like sweat pants they transform to a nicer style. I like to cuff them twice to show more ankle when wearing heels.

Tip 3: Wear flowy dresses or tunics.

The key is always making sure your butt is covered so if you have a tunic and some heels you won't even notice you're wearing leggings on the bottom.

Check out more tips and outfit ideas in my YouTube video below (:

How do you like to style leggings for work?



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