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It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

A little late and by little I mean very late at posting this but since I see my blog as some sort of diary in a way where I put down things I want to remember... this halloween costume is one of them.

I, like most 90's babies have a fascination with Hocus Pocus. Some might say we are obsessed because it is like the only thing we want to watch come Halloween time. I have always been in love with Sarah Sanderson. One, because she is so beautiful. Two, because she always makes me laugh. And three, I've always been told I sort of look like Sarah Jessica Parker soooo I figured it was a no brainer to dress up like her.

My mother got me the costume from Spirit Halloween. It was pretty exact and it wasn't hard to do the dark makeup to match her spooky look.

So, how do you think I did? Can I pass for the 'air heady' Sanderson sister?



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