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Life Talks With Kenzie

I've really been thinking more lately about living with intention and being more present. I have always felt that life can be kind of like a trap. The things we are forced to do to live. We are told we have to work a job that it set with X amount of hours if you don't you can't pay for the necessities you know the things on the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs triangle. The things you NEED are denied from you if you don't do what you're told and only take two weeks vacation work through your sickness so you don't miss any hours and so on and so on. Maybe it's a mindset. Maybe it's me and it's something I should work on and I think that is probably half true. BUT I STILL THINK IT IS CRAP! 

I want to live a life where I am seeing new things, traveling to new places, experiencing culture and broadening my horizon. I want to enjoy this big beautiful world that we were placed on. I would say I am a work to live type of person. I do it because I know that if I don't then what other option is there. 

I think that we should have to work less hours but still be able to support our basic needs because there is more to life than money and getting ahead. Things like connection and love. Things that are hard to do when you only get 4 hours a day spent with the ones you love or spent on doing things that make you happy or leave you feeling rejuvenated and creative.  

I've been told I should have been alive during the 60's era because I would have made one heck of a hippie. And that is probably true. 

I bought some books and I am going to start doing a lot more research so I can try and figure out a way to live the life I want. To no work to live but to truly LIVE. So here is hoping to I can figure it out and that you can too if this is something you've ever thought about or struggled about. 

BTWWW sorry for the rant. 

But the details on these pants are as follows: 

I bought them from a fellow blogger that I met on instagram. I was super nervous about the sizing because the sizes on their site are super weird and confusing. I am wearing an XS. They run big because I am a normal size Small and usually about a size 4 in pants. The XS fits like a glove!!! So, I hope that helps. They are 100% Linen and are super comfy.

You can shop them HERE

My shoes are from Target and they were only $22 bucks so I thought that was a total score! 

Well until next time, friends. 



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