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My First Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Experience

WOW you guys. Literally that is all I have to say. 

Well, not literally all haha I have a lot to say about this event so get ready. 

Okay, first of all, I first learned about the #nsale last year when a blogger friend that I am totally obsessed with (and wish to be sometimes) posted about it. I had never heard of it before but of course quickly fell in love because its a freaking S A L E. 

Like, everyone loves sales right? I know I do. Well, anyway by that time it was already too late to shop for that year so I figured I would just get myself all ready for this year. To give you a little info on what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is...

It is a one of a kind where you can get brand new fall items on major sale. Or so they say. I noticed that it wasn't thatttt great of sale I am going to be honest. Unless you still want to pay like 200 to 300 dollars on normal 500 dollar boots. The catch is you have to have a Nordstrom Card to shop the sale early otherwise you can shop the sale with the public on the 21st but you risk missing out on items because they go fast! People were already complaining of stuff selling out fast and it was the first day. CRAZY. 

Now, there were still some good sales but you had to look for exactly what you wanted. Honestly, I mainly stuck with shoes because I thought that they had the best sales. The clothing sales sucked in my opinion. AND because I had to through out two pairs of boots this past winter due to holes in the bottom so I was in DESPERATE need haha. 

How my morning went: AWFUL. 

I kept seeing bloggers saying they were staying up until 2 A.M. to shop and I was like "nahh" you crazy. I appreciate my sleep way too much so I went to bed and started my shopping the next morning at like 9 A.M. I looked around for probably about 30 minutes and then I was ready to proceed to checkout. This is when the nightmare started. 

The. Site. Crashed. 

And I don't mean for a few minutes. I mean I was staring at my computer screen hitting refresh and typing in my card info for 4 HOURS!!!!!!!! When I say I was having anxiety I mean I was having anxiety. I kept looking at Nordstrom's Instagram account and they were being very proactive about commenting back to angry customers but they still never fixed the problem. 

After just siting on the screen and making it a little bit further each time it finally went through at 1:30 P.M. but other people were still out luck even after I got in. Now, this was super annoying for me because like four hours... four hours... how does a big company not prepare for a huge spike in users to their site? I just shopped the Amazon Prime Day a few days ago as I am sure you are aware and it worked like a charm. So like, if Amazon can do it I know Nordstrom can too. 

Now, since I am a newbie I don't know if people always have this same experience but if they don't what made this year so shitty? And if they do, why the heck have they not fixed the problem yet because that is some customer service nightmare right there. I mean people were like "I am taking my money elsewhere" and "What good is this card for early access if we don't even get early access" and my favorite "It's annoying because you whore out all of your bloggers and make sure they get the stuff they want so they can promote and don't care about us." People were really pissed about the early shopping for bloggers for some reason lol....

Anyway, I ended up getting everything in my cart and spent way too much money. Good thing I can return most of it when it comes in if I decide I don't like the fit or don't like the price tag $$$$. I know I am not the only one that will be doing that (; 

Ready to see my picks?!?!?

Like I said I got mostly shoes because these are essential shoes I will need this winter. I didn't want to just start splurging on like anything and everything so I had to have a purpose. Also, these shorts I don't think were even part of the #nsale but they were on sale just because and I loved them. I also knew that I would need leggings always. I think I did pretty well sticking to the basics (; 

I wish I liked Nordstrom's site more because I might have found more things but idk there is something about the way their clothes look online they just aren't appealing to me. But I do love shopping there in person! 


Sale: $129.90 After Sale: $199.95


Sale: $35.90 After Sale: $54.00


Sale: $89.90 After Sale: $120.00


Sale: $48.90 After Sale: $74.00


Sale: $89.90 After Sale: $138.95



And there ya have it friends! That is my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks! I am super happy with them and can't wait for them to come in the mail!!! Also, I hope your shopping experience was better than mine... 


Kenzie Lynn


I totally fell in love with a few more pieces that I ended up purchasing so I thought I would link those here! 


Sale: $59.90 After Sale: $89.95

 I bought this in a size 7 when I am a normal 6 1/2 because it runs small! Definitely order a 1/2 size up! 

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