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Oh To Be Fashionably Moral

Fashion is a big deal for women. To look good is to feel the same way, and every and anyone can do with a self-esteem boost on the regular. But, the industry doesn’t always align with morals. From animal testing to using animal products, it has a dodgy history.

For lots of people, being fashionable and moral at the same time is vital. No one wants to look their best while their conscience makes them feel terrible inside. Because something as innocent as buying clothes is a bit of a minefield, fashionistas need a helping hand to avoid the bombs.

Here’s what to consider the next time you’re shopping.

Go Veggie Or Vegan

Yep, the vegetarian/vegan craze is taking hold to the point where people won’t buy products if they use animal products. And, you can follow suit by choosing the items that are organic. From lipstick to concealer and even a little black dress, there are vegan options on the market. To find out which products fit the brief, you should check out their mission statement. Nowadays, lots of retailers are happy to tell the world they are part of the vegan movement as it’s an inclusive strategy. Otherwise, a simple internet search will reveal the best, natural makeup products. Some of my favorites are Cover FX and Kat Von D Beauty.

Consider How It Was Made

Even if the item is vegan or vegetarian, it might not be eco-friendly. To figure out whether something helps or harms the planet, it’s vital to consider how it’s made. If you are conscious about the products you are using, If there are dangerous chemicals used in the production process, it isn’t going to ease your conscience. The features to keep an eye out for are natural dyes or finishes that are accredited by a reputable regulator. Anything which is stain-resistant or permanent press isn’t going to help Mother Nature. Check out the supply chain for more info.

Get A Recommendation

And not from a friend or a family member or your reality TV muse. Those are helpful but to make sure your fashion aligns with your morals, you need to look for reputable recommendations as well. They come in the form of PETA, WFTO and Ecolabel by the EU among many others. Once you see these marks, there is no need to worry. As organizations that are dedicated to helping the planet and its inhabitants, they can’t afford to be wrong. Therefore, these companies conduct thorough research and back businesses and products they trust.

Think About The Future

Nobody can predict the future – you’re a fashionista not a psychic for goodness sake. Still, you should have a good grip on your capability to re-wear clothes. Are you the type of person who throws something away after a couple of months? Or, are you a hoarder? If you spend a little more on quality pieces that you hold onto for awhile, a shopping spree should last you years and cut down on CO2 emissions. Also, think about what the product is made out of so you know it's durability and whether or not it will hold up for as long as you are hoping it to. Material that won’t survive the washing machine and 30+ wears isn’t going to check the box of being eco-friendly.

It's okay to not have all pieces that are eco friendly. It's up to you to find a good balance and decide what is right for you. The key is to incorporate your beliefs into your fashion. When you find them, you will be fashionably moral.



*Please note that this post may have affiliate links*  Any products listed or reviews and opinions are as always of my own and true to how I feel.

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