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My Honest Opinion About the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Right off the bat what comes to mind when I think of the Nordstrom Anni Sale is...

great for a few key pieces you need to add to your closet like some new booties and that coat you've been neglecting to buy but it's finally time to upgrade buttttt not so great for just the sale aspect and definitely not the place to blow all of your money.

I know many bloggers are #obsessed with it or at least they make it seem that way becauseeee it's a great way to make a few extra gains when people shop through their affiliate links. And Nordstrom probably gives those big bloggers some extra perks that us small ones are not privileged to.

It's not a bad sale because for real I got my two favorite must have black and brown booties two seasons ago and still wear them time and time again throughout the colder months. They were great finds and great boots. However, not everything I have purchased from there has been that wonderful that is why I stick to shoes and maybe one or two of the hot items of the season.

I have started browsing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Catalog and I think I might end up with a total of 4 things. They will be 4 great things that I know I will love even in a few months when the season changes to fall and I won't fee like I have a huge dent in my bank account and nothing to show for it. Just because someone is saying you NEED this or that... you don't! And it will just leave you feeling pretty "mehh" and unfulfilled in the long run.

I've rounded up a few of my honest favorites from the catalog and hopefully this gives you and idea of what I look for when shopping the sale.

With all of that being said... the one thing that can make shopping this sale TOTALLY WORTH IT... getting free money to do so! 😎 Make sure to head on over to my instagram on the 12th because I will be giving away a $300 gift card to shop the sale! That for sure will get you that pair of boots you're eyeing (;

x, Kenzie

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