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Putting the FAB in Fabletics

This was my first Fabletics order - and if I'm being honest, I only ordered because I had a gift card for $100 dollars so I was like well I might as well use it. I have found myself looking at their site that past couple years and even adding stuff to my cart but I never made the plunge because of the annoying monthly subscription thing. I wasn't sure it was worth it and I am still terrified I am not going to remember to skip so I don't make another purchase. I should probably just call to cancel right now but I probably won't because these are THE BEST leggings I have ever bought.

For obvious reasons, the color has completely stolen my heart 💖 but for less obvious reasons, the material, fit and comfort of these babies bring it home for a win. This post is 100% not sponsored either thought I should clarify haha. I just genuinely am obsessed with how great they really are.

They are a more spandex so they hold you in without being uncomfortable and I feel secure and ready to tackle anything as soon as I put them on. I am wearing the High-Waisted Solid PowerHold® 7/8 - Size: S / Color: ALLURE / Price: $31.08 & I paired it with the matching Zoe High Impact Sports Bra - Size: S / Color: light aegean/allure / Price:$28.87. I love how they give you a good deal when you buy them as sets and it gives me workout clothes that actually match so definitely a win win! When you buying them separately the price goes up a bit like 20 bucks or so. Also, I would say the leggings are TTS and if I could do it again I would size up to a M in the sports bra for reference (:

I still think having to have the subscription is annoying but for those of you that were like me and didn't know if you should take the plunge I think it's a great workout option and worth it so GO FOR IT! If you do, tag me in your pics on insta so I can see what you got 🤩

Happy shopping,

x Kenzie

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