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Should You Dress Like The Person You Are Or The Person You Want To Be?

Your priority in life is your happiness. If you are unhappy, this is going to cloud every aspect of your life. The fact is, we spend so long feeling concerned about how we look when we should take control over our lives and work to be the person we want to be. When it comes to dressing in this sense, should we dress like the person that we are, or should we dress as the person we want to be? So let's attempt to answer this question.

Should You Dress Like The Person You Are Or The Person You Want To Be?
Should You Dress Like The Person You Are Or The Person You Want To Be?

Do You Have Goals In Life?

If we feel static in life, and we believe we've got something better to do in life, then it's important that we start to work towards these goals. But sometimes we are our own worst enemy. In this respect, dressing as the person you want to be can be a very simple way to alter your mindset. The difficulty for most of us is getting that inspiration. While there are many clothing outlets that can provide us with a stepping stone, we've got to really think about what we want. And so, we look to the people we admire. But when it comes to projecting a certain personality, it's not always as simple as just putting the right clothes on.

Using Your Clothes To Change Your Attitude

It is a simple psychological trick; by dressing in a certain way, we begin to embody the characteristics of that image we see. It can change our attitude, but it's only one part of the entire process. While subconsciously, we can begin to walk taller and feel that confidence, when we take those clothes off, we could very easily slip back into our old personality.

Shouldn't We Just Follow Our Instincts?

As the saying goes, “to thine own self, be true”. But if you want to be a different person make yourself a better version of you, then sometimes, following our instincts doesn't feel right. But when we want to make significant changes in our lives and become a new person, the image defines us. As soon as we look in the mirror and see how different we are now to the person that we were, this means we're heading in the right direction. Sometimes, people try to put us in boxes and tell us we should only be a certain type of person. And this can be, in a subconscious sense, why we dress down. You aren't defined by one aspect of yourself and instead can have multiple facets of your being. In this respect, no, we shouldn't dress like the person we are. We should dress as the person we want to be.

It can be a very difficult thing because it requires changing our personality. But, if we are determined to make a change in life then we've got to work at it. While changing our look can make us more confident, if we are to follow it through completely, we've got to let it filter into our mindset. Dressing differently is a temporary thing, but if you want to tap into the other parts of your personality and see all of the great things you are capable of, then you've got to go all in!

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