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Straw Bags

Would you like to know my obsession lately?

Freakin. Straw. Handbags. 

They can be beach bags, clutches, totes, or cross body's. I don't discriminate. 

Idk what it is but they are just SO ✨ c u t e ✨

I think it might be how girly, and pink and fun they usually are. I mean I love the other colors to but PINK is my fave soooooo 💁🏼

I know I can't be the only one crushing on straw bags lately so I have rounded up a few of my favorites for your pleasure of shopping. I did go with beach bags this time around because that is what I am on the hunt for and I have found my winner winner chicken dinner because it is only $20.00!!!!!! (it is the one from Barnes and Noble once you get to that part!)


1. CARRIED AWAY POM POM BEACH BASKET- Revolve - $102 (out of stock) 

I am obsessed with the pom poms and coral color on this one. I am praying that it comes back in stock soon! 

2. 'Ibiza' Woven Tote with Tassel Charms- Nordstrom - $83.40 

Okay. WOW. That's all I can say about this pink heaven. AND it is 40% off so the originally price is $139. You better run for this cutie! 

3. Summer Dreams 'Bonjour' Raffia Tote- Barnes and Noble - $19.99

Can we just.... I mean this tote offers all of the same cuteness for half the price. I was shopping around Barnes and Noble for a good book the other day and spotted this and my jaw dropped. I didn't get it because I was trying to be good but man do I regret it. I think I will definitely be going back ASAP though. 

4. MARRAKECH 'CIAO' BAG- Revolve - $103 

If you wanted a bag that was a little big bigger than the last then here ya go! I love the 'Ciao' print as well as the tassels! If I was rolling in the dough then I think this would be my pick! 

5. Kayu Striped Straw Basket Bag- Vineyard Vines - $138 

Don't worry you non pink lovers out there I didn't forget about you. Here is a great option in blue because you are still getting the super cute details with the pom poms. Plus, it is such a cute neutral color that it will go with so many outfits!

6. Women's Medium Straw Tote Handbag- Target - $29.99 

If you need to be more cost efficient like myself then you must know that you ALWAYS have to check out Target! All of the different rainbow colors add so much pop! 


If you aren't instantly screaming "I WANT THIS BAG" then something is very wrong with you. Haha no I'm on kidding. This bag is to die for though. It isn't even over the top expensive though. Which is why I think this is a total #score!

Hope you are as #obsessed with all of them as much as I am! 

Until next time! 


Kenzie Lynn

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