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Summer Staple with Coupon Code

It's me again friends!

Just signing on to tell you about a summer staple piece that you need in your closet! 

Yup, you guest it... a sun hat! 👒

I found this pom pom fedora hat over at and I fell in love! I have been wanting the perfect sun hat to take with me to the beach as well as just add that little extra something something to my outfits. Ya feel me? (; 

I love how the pom poms add some fun and girlie detail and the color matches well with everything. It even stays on my head which is a plus because like idk if it's my small, weirdly shaped head that makes most hats just fall off or maybe it is the shape of the hat? I have no idea but this one works!!!! 

I am wearing the Pom Pom Fedora Hat in Natural. // $29

They have so many hats though, it was so hard choosing. I was equally as obsessed with the one with a flamingo on it. Yes, you heard me correct FLAMINGOS!!! Ahh if you follow me, you know I love flamingos ☺️

They also have some amazingly cute sunnies 😎 You know, those super popular mirror ones that are everywhere! Yeah, they have those 🕶  

AND if that wasn't cool enough I have a coupon code for you to take off 20% from your order!!!! Scroll to the bottom to get the code!

coupon code: hertime20

Thanks for hanging out everyone! We will chat soon (: 



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