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Target Jumpsuit

Hello out there to all of my amazing followers! 💛💛💛

I just wanted to start off my saying how much I love and appreciate all of you! Seriously, you keep me going. I am also so happy with how I have been growing and want to start to up the ante soon. I am thinking doing a giveaway to say thanks for all of you but I was curious on what you might like?

If you have any suggestions then shoot me an email, comment below, or dm me on Instagram and I would love to hear from you. 

Alright, alright.... time to get back to this incredible jumpsuit. 

I originally was doing the Memorial Day sale awhile back and purchased a solid, bright blue jumpsuit. When it came in the mail though the size didn't fit and it just looked more flowy like a dress and I wanted the pants part to be a little more defined. 

I went to Target to exchange and see if a different size would be better buttttt this was only one of those brands that Target carried online. (WHO KNEW). So, I of course looked around for something different instead of being a smart girl and taking my money and running out (; 

I found this patterned blue jumpsuit and instantly fell in love. I don't like strapless things too often because they don't stay up very well but this one was different. 

I paired it with some Birkenstock sandals and my layered necklaces from Raw & Rebellious 💋

Which by the way has the most amazing necklaces. It is a girl who makes them and sells them so also cool because you get to support small businesses. 

The necklaces are all sold separately to mix and match how you please. I am so in love with all of them that I purchased. 



Peace and blessings my friends! 


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