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The Secret Behind Affording High-End Clothing for Cheap

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

When it comes to affording luxury dresses and designer shoes, you don’t have to be rich; because believe me I am farrrrrrr from it. Treating yourself to such clothing may simply involve more creative tactics. Here are just a few ways to dress extravagantly without going head over heels into debt. Please don't go into debt because of clothing. I know it's tempting but soooo not worth it haha. I do love the high end fashion pieces but in the whole scheme of things they don't really matter too much. Still, it's fun to go a little extra every once in awhile. (;

Save up, don’t borrow

Expensive clothing isn’t worth taking out a loan for (this means don't max out your credit card, HA). You should be proud and excited of owning these pieces – if they’ve put you in debt, you may regret the decision to buy them once you start having to make the repayments. Instead, put asides some savings for these types of luxuries. You can also try selling items in your wardrobe to save up the money. This is what I'll try to do. I'll try and sell clothes on Poshmark, Facebook, or Platos Closet and then use that money to get a new piece that I've had my eye on.

Shop out of season

You can often get discounts on designer clothing by shopping out of season. Winter coats tend to be cheaper in the summer, while branded sunglasses and expensive swimwear are cheaper in the winter. Retailers may not sell these items in stores, but you may be able to find them online. In fact, I recommend shopping out of season for almost everything.

Use luxury clothing hire companies

If you’re the type of person that only dresses up on the odd occasion, owning luxury clothing could be a waste of money (this is totally me, even though I wish I could dress up more lol). Instead, you could be better off renting clothes for specific events. There are luxury dress hire companies that charge a tenth of the sale value, allowing you the experience of wearing a $500 dress for $50. Such clothes are professionally cleaned and pressed after every use so that they look brand new. There are even some on college campuses so you can swap clothes back and forth we people from right there in your own city!

Consider shopping second-hand

It’s also worth considering used clothing as you can find some great deals on luxury items that are in great condition. Thrift shops aren’t the place for these luxury items – you’re much better off trying consignment stores. You can also find great deals on used clothing through sites like eBay and Amazon. The problem with buying second-hand clothing online is that you can’t judge the condition as easily as you can in person. If you are going to buy an item online, make sure the seller is trusted and ensure that they’ve provided good quality images and a description of the condition (you can always message them for more information if they haven’t supplied enough info to gain your trust).

If you have any other tips on getting those extravagant pieces that will make your closet pop, let me know!!



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